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50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1977-07-21 
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1977-07-25 
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1977-08-02 
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1977-09-27 
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1977-12-05 
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong1977-12-06 
Acoustic Tales Live1989-05-15artwork
Aging Gracefully1996-05-15artwork
Aim To Please1975-11-__artwork
All This Beauty1999-01-05 
All This Beauty1999-03-05 
All This Outtakes19__-__-__ 
Amnesty International Press Conference19__-__-__ 
Angry Young Sod1977-12-05artwork
Anybody Wanna Swallow Me?1994-06-08artwork
April's Fool1989-03-03 
April's Fool1989-04-01 
Armed And Dangerous1977-11-15artwork
Armed And Dangerous1977-12-03artwork
Australia 19851985-06-25 
B Sides19__-__-__ 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.11996-07-26 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21995-08-05 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21996-07-05 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21996-07-06 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21996-07-12 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21996-07-19 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21996-07-27 
Back With A Vengeance, Vol.21996-08-04 
Band Looks Nice On Him2002-06-28Akasaka Blitzartwork
Barbados Mega Mixes1991-__-__artwork
Bayside Rock '98: Fuji Rock Festival1998-08-01 
Beacon Theatre 20012001-11-07Beacon Theatreartwork
Berwald Hall1999-01-05 
Besides The LPs19__-__-__ 
Best Of Broadway19__-__-__ 
Best Of Unplugged1991-06-03 
Better Than Caruso Volume 11998-02-05artwork
Better Than Caruso Volume 11998-02-11artwork
Better Than Caruso Volume 2artwork
Between Wisdom And Murder 
Big Opportunity1979-02-06 
Big Sister19__-__-__ 
Bitter Sweet Delivery2005-01-30Mousonturm 
Black And White Night1987-09-30 
Bowery Ballroom2002-04-18Bowery Ballroom 
Brilliant Parade1994-09-22artwork
Brixton Blues1995-__-__ 
Brutal Youth Tour 19941994-07-19 
Buddy Holly On Acid1994-07-19 
Buffo Italiano1998-02-09 
Buffo Italiano1998-02-14 
Buffo Italiano1998-02-15 
Canada Heatwave Festival 23-Aug-801980-08-23 
Casino Royale1999-07-02 
Class Act1999-11-04artwork
Class Act1999-11-19artwork
Class Act1999-11-20artwork
Class Act1999-11-24artwork
Class Act1999-12-10artwork
Completed Rarities "Video Gems"19__-__-__ 
Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea1979-12-29 
Cornered On Plastic1976-08-15 
Cornered On Plastic1977-09-27 
Cornered On Plastic1978-10-30 
Crawling Through The USA1978-03-03 
Crawling Through The USA1978-07-02 
Crossroads TV Special2002-01-13 
Curse Of Sophistication2003-10-11Royal Festival Hallartwork
Curse Of Sophistication2003-11-07Symphony Hallartwork
Danger Zone1981-04-28 
Danger Zone1981-11-03 
Danger Zone1982-08-27 
Danger Zone1983-06-09 
Daze Of Glory1980-08-23artwork
Daze Of Glory1982-06-02artwork
Do The Rhumba1987-11-21artwork
Dylan Gets To The Point1995-04-11 
Early Autumn2003-10-01Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space 
El Mocambo1978-03-06 
Elvis & Friends - Visit Washington1978-02-28 
Elvis At The Pier1983-09-19? 
Elvis Costello & Rude 5 In Japan1991-09-02 
Elvis Costello (1)1978-04-16 
Elvis Costello (2)1978-05-21 
Elvis Costello (2)1978-10-30 
Elvis Costello (3)1977-12-07 
Elvis Costello And Marillion1975-11-__ 
Elvis Costello And Marillion1978-10-30 
Elvis Costello Live "Unapproved"1986-11-23 
Elvis Costello Live "Unlicensed"1984-08-11 
Elvis Costello Live 5-29-96 And 2-5-971996-05-29 
Elvis Costello Live 5-29-96 And 2-5-971997-02-05 
Elvis Costello Live!1978-02-10 
Elvis Goes To Paris...and The Attractions Don't1984-11-26 
Elvis Goes To Washington & Dave Edmunds & Rockpile Don't1978-02-28 
Elvis, Anyone?1982-08-27 
Enchanted From Memory1984-06-__artwork
Enchanted From Memory1987-11-21artwork
Enchanted From Memory1998-08-01artwork
Episodes Of Elvis2002-01-13artwork
Episodes Of Elvis2002-01-17Hammersmith Apolloartwork
Episodes Of Elvis2002-04-16Astoriaartwork
Every Day I Write A Book1984-08-11artwork
Everyday I Play The Boot1983-08-10 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1988-02-20 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1989-03-25 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1994-05-12 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1997-02-13 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1997-02-25 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1997-10-03 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1997-11-18 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1998-04-08 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1998-06-06 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1998-06-09 
Extra Honey - The Video Rarities1998-08-01 
F*** The Play List! Brixton II1995-03-30 
Fascinate2002-07-07Shibuya Public Hallartwork
Fatal Attractions1986-11-23artwork
File Under Revenge And Guilt1984-08-11 
Find Yourself Another Fool19__-__-__ 
Flip City Demos1975-11-__ 
Forbidden Playthings1996-01-06 
Forbidden Playthings1999-01-05 
Frisco Beat1978-02-07artwork
Gangster Is Back1983-09-07artwork
Get Emotional1977-10-22artwork
Going Stateside1994-05-13 
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11978-10-18artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11980-04-15artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11983-09-07artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11984-04-15artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11984-08-11artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11986-10-29artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11986-11-16artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11989-07-11artwork
Good Year For The Covers Vol. 11989-07-23artwork
Great Lost Album1991-__-__ 
Great Performer1989-02-06artwork
Great Performer1999-06-21artwork
Great Performer1999-11-12artwork
Greatest Hits Live19__-__-__ 
Happy Hour2003-07-27Fuji Rock Festival 
Hate You Live1979-02-13 
Heartbeat2002-07-01Civic Hallartwork
Heartfull Of Songs 
Heatwave 19801980-08-23 
Hidden Charms (1)1995-05-16 
Hidden Charms (1)1995-05-17 
Hidden Charms (2)1995-05-17 
Hiding Under Covers1977-12-16 
Hiding Under Covers1980-11-19 
Hiding Under Covers1981-03-09 
His First Kornyphone Record1977-12-07 
Honky Tonk Demos1976-08-15 
Hoover Factory1977-09-27 
Hoover Factory1977-12-06 
Hoover Factory1978-03-15 
Hope You're Happy Nows2002-04-16Astoria 
I Did Talk To Bob Dylan1995-03-__ 
I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea1977-08-02 
I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea1977-09-27 
I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea1977-12-06 
I Got Stung1999-04-10 
I Left My Honda Outside1985-06-25 
I Never Talked To Jim Reeves1994-11-04 
I Never Talked To Jim Reeves1994-11-11 
I Never Talked To Jim Reeves1994-11-25 
I Never Talked To Jim Reeves1994-11-27 
I Stand Accused1979-04-12artwork
I Still Have That Night In My Head 
In The District Of Columbia1978-02-28 
Interview With Elvis 'C'1987-01-__ 
Ireland And Dubliners1986-05-17 
Italian Memory1984-04-29 
Italian Memory1984-11-22 
Italian Nights1996-05-01 
Italian Nights1998-10-24 
Italian Nights1998-11-06 
Italian Nights1998-11-10 
Italian Unplugged1995-05-01artwork
It's Gonna Hail1997-02-05 
I've Just Come From California1978-02-09artwork
I've Just Come From California1978-02-10artwork
Jesus, This Is Elvis1995-05-16 
Jesus, This Is Elvis1995-05-17 
John Peel 19781978-10-23 
King Of Americana1985-__-__artwork
Kornyfone Radio Hour1978-03-06 
Kvinde Hader Klub Flexi1986-__-__ 
Laguna Beach1995-03-__ 
Land Of Hope And Anchor19__-__-__ 
Last Foxtrot1978-06-07 
Last Year's Model1978-03-06 
Later Special With Elvis Costello1996-06-18artwork
Legends And History Collide1996-05-26 
Legends And History Collide1996-07-16 
Little Hands Of Concrete1986-11-28artwork
Little Hands Of Concrete1987-02-29artwork
Little Sister1980-05-14 
Live Aid1985-07-13 
Live At Glastonbury1994-06-25 
Live At Glastonbury1994-11-__? 
Live At The El Mocambo (1)1978-03-06 
Live At The El Mocambo (2)1978-03-06 
Live At The Palomino1979-02-16 
Live At The Regent1978-12-03 
Live Attraction1978-11-23artwork
Live In Concert Nottingham Part 11999-11-04 
Live In London July 1,19951995-05-17 
Live In USA1984-08-11 
Live Under The Mountain 8.1.981998-08-01 
Live Vol.11977-12-05artwork
Look Of Love1998-10-13artwork
Los Angeles 19951995-__-__ 
Lucky Spike1984-08-11 
Made In Japan1989-07-20 
Magnificent Costello19__-__-__ 
Main Attraction1996-06-18 
Majesty On The Night2002-04-28BBC 2 Studio 
Man In Time2002-04-28BBC 2 Studio 
Man In Time2002-05-02BBC 2 Studio 
Man Out Of Time: A Rare Acoustic Show1984-11-20 
Marked With Your Shadow2004-12-14artwork
Maybe The Last Time1987-06-20 
McCartney/MacManus Collaboration1989-04-26artwork
McCartney/MacManus Collaboration1995-03-23artwork
McCartney/MacManus Collaboration1996-05-14artwork
Missed Opportunitiesartwork
Monique d'Ozo1977-12-07 
My Funny Valentine19__-__-__ 
Nashville And More1978-10-23 
Naughty Boys1989-__-__ 
Naughty Boys1989-04-29 
Naughty Boys1995-03-23 
New Year For The Roses1981-12-31 
No Dancing1977-12-05 
No More Alibis1999-07-26 
North And Other Favourites2003-10-01Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space 
Now See Them Live!1978-__-__ 
Odds And Ends19__-__-__ 
Off Beat1984-__-__ 
On The Road Again1999-06-16artwork
One Elvis Fan Can't Be Wrong1977-12-06 
One Of The Attractions1986-05-17 
One Of The Attractions1986-06-28 
One Size Fits All1978-10-30 
Oobu Joobu Part 171995-03-23 
Oobu Joobu Part 319__-__-__ 
Our Aim Is True1975-11-__ 
Our Aim Is True1978-10-23 
Paris Man1996-05-12 
Party Girl1996-08-18artwork
Perfume2002-07-04Festival Hallartwork
Pidgeon Toed1977-12-07 
Plugging The Gaps1977-08-07 
Plugging The Gaps1977-10-22 
Plugging The Gaps1979-12-29 
Plugging The Gaps1981-06-01 
Plugging The Gaps1986-02-11 
Plugging The Gaps Vol.21993-03-18 
Political Action1985-03-09artwork
Pump It Up1977-__-__ 
Radio Blast1980-02-25 
Radio Radio...Live In Toronto At The "El Mocambo Club"1978-03-06 
Radio Sweet Hearts1977-07-25artwork
Radio Sweet Hearts1977-09-27artwork
Radio Sweet Hearts1977-12-06artwork
Radio Sweet Hearts1978-03-13artwork
Radio Sweet Hearts1978-10-23artwork
Radio Sweet Hearts1980-02-25artwork
Radio Sweet Hearts1983-06-09artwork
Radio, Radio1977-07-25 
Radio, Radio1977-09-27 
Radio, Radio1978-03-13 
Radio, Radio1978-10-23 
Radio, Radio1980-02-25 
Radio, Radio1983-06-09 
Raised On Radioartwork
Red Shoed Imposter (1)1980-05-14 
Red Shoed Imposter (1)1983-10-15 
Red Shoed Imposter (2)1980-05-14 
Red Shoed Imposter (2)1983-10-15 
Red Shoes1980-08-23 
Red Shoes1987-11-21 
Revelations From The Very Middle1977-12-07 
Riot Act '831981-06-01artwork
Riot Act '831983-09-07artwork
Riot Act '831983-10-17artwork
Rise And Rise Of Declan MacManus1978-06-15artwork
Rise And Rise Of Declan MacManus1995-03-23artwork
Romantic Facts Of Musketeers1995-03-31 
Royal Command Performance1995-03-23 
Royal Festival Hall1998-10-29 
Royal Performance1995-03-23artwork
Royal Performances1995-03-23 
San Francisco 19771977-11-15artwork
Secondary Modern1982-06-02artwork
Shaken Not Stired1977-09-30 
Shaken Not Stired1979-02-16 
Shaken Not Stired1980-05-14 
Skippin' Reels Of Rhyme1995-03-30 
So Like Candy1994-05-27 
Some Like It Hot1977-12-07 
Some Streets In This Town2004-12-10artwork
Something New1980-05-14 
Staring At The Sun1984-06-06 
Staring At The Sun1998-08-01 
Sticks And Stones Volumes 1 & 2 
Sticks And Stones Volumes 3 & 4 
Stiffed Again1975-11-__ 
Stiffed Again1977-08-01 
Stiffed Again1978-03-20 
Stiffed Again1978-10-30 
Stiffed Again1980-03-03 
Stockholm Hitman 19811977-09-30 
Stockholm Hitman 19811979-02-16 
Stockholm Hitman 19811980-05-14 
Stranger In The House1978-05-21 
Stranger In The House1978-10-30 
Strangers In Amsterdam1984-11-25 
Superlative Live1978-06-21Rockpalast 
Superlative Live1980-07-12Montreux Jazz Festival 
Supportive Measures1995-03-29 
Supportive Measures1995-03-30 
Supportive Measures1995-03-31 
Talking In Newcastle 1999 Vol. 11999-11-12 
Talking In Newcastle 1999 Vol. 21999-11-12 
Tempted To Spit1996-09-06artwork
The Delivery Man in UK2005-02-10Hammersmith Apolloartwork
The Optician2005-02-09The Domeartwork
They Go Where I Go2003-10-01Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space 
This Is Tomorrow1986-11-23artwork
This Years Superstar1980-05-14 
Time To Play B-Sides1999-__-__ 
Tokyo Storm Warning Live Vol.11996-09-13 
Tokyo Storm Warning Live Vol.21996-09-13 
Tokyo's Brilliant Parade1994-09-22 
Totally Meltdown1995-06-23artwork
Totally Meltdown2001-05-04artwork
Totally Meltdown2001-06-26artwork
Two's Company1999-11-12artwork
Two's Company Volume 21999-11-12artwork
Under The Influenza1994-11-15Glasgow Barrowlands 
Under The Influenza1994-11-26?Glasgow Barrowlands 
Unknown Places1978-02-10 
Unplugged And Unshaven (A Beard Years Anthology)1991-06-03artwork
Valentine's In Venice1998-02-14 
Valentine's In Venice1998-04-08 
Village Music Party19__-__-__ 
Weird Nightmare1995-06-25 
We're All Creeps1978-02-10 
Westwood One Radio Network In Concert1986-11-23 
What's So Funny Bout Niggers Limeys,19__-__-__ 
When I Was At Astoria2002-04-16Astoriaartwork
White Man Standing Alone1996-05-29 
Writing My Story1984-08-11 
Youthful Elvis1994-07-19