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Cait O'Riordan and Elvis Costello, 1986
Cait O'Riordan and Elvis Costello
Cait O'Riordan and Elvis Costello

Member of:

The Pogues(1983-1986)
The MacManus Gang(1986)

Vocals on:

Crimes Of Paris(1986, Blood & Chocolate)
Poor Napoleon(1986, Blood & Chocolate)
A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)(1987)
Return To Big Nothing(1987)
Chewing Gum(1989, Spike)

Percussion on:

...This Town...  (lunge maracas)   (1989, Spike)
Last Boat Leaving  (snowbells)   (1989, Spike)

Songwriter on:

Broken(1989, Spike)

Co-songwriter on:

Lovable(1986, King Of America)
Tokyo Storm Warning(1986, Blood & Chocolate)
Baby Plays Around(1989, Spike)
Punishing Kiss(1993, Short Cuts soundtrack)
Basement Kiss(1993, Wendy James)
Earthbound(1993, Wendy James)
London's Brilliant(1993, Wendy James)
Puppet Girl(1993, Wendy James)
We Despise You(1993, Wendy James)
My Mood Swings(1998, The Big Lebowski)
I Throw My Toys Around(1998, Rugrats Movie)
You Stole My Bell(2000, The Family Man)
The Judgement(2002, Solomon Burke)

Married to Elvis from 1986 until 2002.

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