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(I Don't Want To Go To) ChelseaTaking Liberties
(I Don't Want To Go To) ChelseaThis Year's Model
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red ShoesMy Aim Is True
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And UnderstandingArmed Forces

...And In Every HomeImperial Bedroom
...DustWhen I Was Cruel
...This Town…Spike

13 Steps Lead DownBrutal Youth
15 PetalsWhen I Was Cruel

20% AmnesiaBrutal Youth

45When I Was Cruel

5ive Gears In ReverseGet Happy!!

A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)Blood And Chocolate
A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)Out Of Our Idiot
Accidents Will HappenArmed Forces
After The FallMighty Like A Rose
AlibiWhen I Was Cruel
Alibi Factorymiscellaneous
AlisonArmed Forces
AlisonMy Aim Is True
All Grown UpMighty Like A Rose
All The RageBrutal Youth
All This Useless BeautyAll This Useless Beauty
Almost BlueImperial Bedroom
Almost Ideal Eyesmiscellaneous
American Without TearsKing Of America
American Without Tears #2 (Twilight Version)Blood And Chocolate
American Without Tears #2 (Twilight Version)Out Of Our Idiot
Any King's ShillingSpike

B MovieGet Happy!!
Baby It's YouGoodbye Cruel World
Baby It's YouOut Of Our Idiot
Baby Plays AroundSpike
Baby Plays AroundFor The Stars
Baby's Got A Brand New HairdoBlood And Chocolate
Baby's Got A Brand New HairdoOut Of Our Idiot
Back On My Feetmiscellaneous
Bama Lama Bama LooKojak Variety
Basement KissNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Battered Old BirdBlood And Chocolate
Beaten To The PunchGet Happy!!
Beyond BeliefImperial Bedroom
Big BoysThis Year's Model
Big BoysArmed Forces
Big SisterOut Of Our Idiot
Big SisterTrust
Big Sisters ClothesTrust
Big TearsThis Year's Model
Big TearsTaking Liberties
Black And White WorldGet Happy!!
Black And White WorldGet Happy!!
Black And White World (demo)Taking Liberties
Black Sails In The SunsetTrust
Black Sails In The SunsetOut Of Our Idiot
Blame It On CainMy Aim Is True
Blue ChairOut Of Our Idiot
Blue ChairBlood And Chocolate
Boy With A ProblemImperial Bedroom
Boy With A Problem (demo)Trust
Bridge That I Burnedmiscellaneous
Bright Blue Timesmiscellaneous
Brilliant Disguisemiscellaneous
Brilliant MistakeKing Of America
BrokenMighty Like A Rose
Brown To BlueAlmost Blue
Burnt Sugar Is So Bittermiscellaneous
Busy BodiesArmed Forces

Charm SchoolPunch the Clock
Cheap RewardMy Aim Is True
Chemistry ClassArmed Forces
Chewing GumSpike
Clean MoneyArmed Forces
Clean MoneyTaking Liberties
Clown StrikeBrutal Youth
Clowntime Is OverGet Happy!!
Clowntime Is OverGet Happy!!
Clowntime Is Over (version 2)Taking Liberties
Coal Train RobberiesSpike
Colour Of The BluesAlmost Blue
Come Away, Deathmiscellaneous
Complicated ShadowsAll This Useless Beauty
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4Mighty Like A Rose
Crawling To The U.S.A.Taking Liberties
Crawling To The U.S.A.This Year's Model
Crimes Of ParisBlood And Chocolate
Cry Cry CryAlmost Blue

Daddy Can I Turn This?When I Was Cruel
Damnation's CellarThe Juliet Letters
Darling You Know I Wouldn't LieAlmost Blue
DaysKojak Variety
Dead Letter (instrumental)The Juliet Letters
Dear Sweet Filthy WorldThe Juliet Letters
Deep Dark Truthful MirrorSpike
Deep Dead BlueDeep Dead Blue
Deliver Us (instrumental)The Juliet Letters
DeporteeGoodbye Cruel World
Different FingerTrust
Dirty Rotten Shamemiscellaneous
DissolveWhen I Was Cruel
Distorted AngelAll This Useless Beauty
Do You Know What I'm Saying?Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Don't Be Careless Lovemiscellaneous
Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodKing Of America
Dr Luther's AssistantGet Happy!!
Dr. Luther's AssistantTaking Liberties
Dust 2…When I Was Cruel

EarthboundNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Either Side Of The Same Townmiscellaneous
Element Within Her, ThePunch the Clock
Episode Of BlondeWhen I Was Cruel
Everybody's Crying MercyKojak Variety
Everyday I Write The BookPunch the Clock
Expert RitesThe Juliet Letters

Fall Of The World's Own Optimistmiscellaneous
Favourite HourBrutal Youth
Fill In The BlanksNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Fish 'n' Chip PaperTrust
Flirting Kind, ThePunch the Clock
For Other EyesThe Juliet Letters
For The StarsFor The Stars
Forgive Her AnythingBlood And Chocolate
From A Whisper To A ScreamTrust
From Head To ToeOut Of Our Idiot
From Head To ToeImperial Bedroom

Georgie And Her RivalMighty Like A Rose
Get Yourself Another FoolGoodbye Cruel World
Get Yourself Another FoolOut Of Our Idiot
Getting Mighty CrowdedGet Happy!!
Getting Mighty CrowdedTaking Liberties
Ghost TrainTaking Liberties
Ghost TrainGet Happy!!
GigiDeep Dead Blue
Girls TalkGet Happy!!
Girls TalkTaking Liberties
Glitter GulchKing Of America
Gloomy SundayTrust
God Give Me Strengthmiscellaneous
God Give Me StrengthPainted From Memory
God's ComicSpike
Good Year For The RosesAlmost Blue
Goon SquadArmed Forces
Greatest Thing, ThePunch the Clock
Green ShirtThis Year's Model
Green ShirtArmed Forces
Green SongFor The Stars

Hand In HandThis Year's Model
Harpies BizarreMighty Like A Rose
Heart-Shaped Bruisemiscellaneous
Heathen TownOut Of Our Idiot
Heathen TownPunch the Clock
He's Got YouAlmost Blue
Hidden CharmsKojak Variety
Hidden Shamemiscellaneous
High FidelityGet Happy!!
Home is Anywhere You Hang Your HeadBlood And Chocolate
Home TruthGoodbye Cruel World
Honey HushAlmost Blue
Honey HushAlmost Blue
Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind?Blood And Chocolate
Hoover FactoryTaking Liberties
Hoover FactoryGet Happy!!
How Much I LiedAlmost Blue
How To Be DumbMighty Like A Rose
Human HandsImperial Bedroom
Human TouchGet Happy!!
Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)Mighty Like A Rose

I Almost Had A WeaknessThe Juliet Letters
I Can't Stand Up For Falling DownGet Happy!!
I Hope You're Happy NowGoodbye Cruel World
I Hope You're Happy NowBlood And Chocolate
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myselfmiscellaneous
I Stand AccusedGet Happy!!
I Still Have That Other GirlPainted From Memory
I Thought I'd Write To JulietThe Juliet Letters
I Threw It All AwayKojak Variety
I Throw My Toys Aroundmiscellaneous
I Turn AroundImperial Bedroom
I Wanna Be LovedGoodbye Cruel World
I Want To Stand ForeverNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
I Want To VanishAll This Useless Beauty
I Want YouBlood And Chocolate
I'll Never Fall In Love Againmiscellaneous
I'll Wear It ProudlyKing Of America
I'm Not AngryMy Aim Is True
I'm Your ToyAlmost Blue
I'm Your ToyAlmost Blue
Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver)My Aim Is True
Imperial BedroomOut Of Our Idiot
Imperial BedroomImperial Bedroom
In The Darkest PlacePainted From Memory
Inch By InchGoodbye Cruel World
Indoor FireworksKing Of America
Invasion Hit ParadeMighty Like A Rose
Invisible Man, ThePunch the Clock
It Tears Me UpKing Of America
It's TimeAll This Useless Beauty
I've Been Wrong BeforeKojak Variety

Jack Of All ParadesKing Of America
Jacksons, Monk And RoweThe Juliet Letters
Joe PorterhouseGoodbye Cruel World
Jump UpMy Aim Is True
Just A CurioFor The Stars
Just A MemoryTaking Liberties
Just A MemoryGet Happy!!
Just About GladBrutal Youth

Kid About ItImperial Bedroom
Kinder MurderBrutal Youth
King HorseGet Happy!!
King Of ConfidenceKing Of America
King of the Unknown Seamiscellaneous
King Of ThievesPunch the Clock

Last Boat LeavingSpike
Last Post (instrumental)The Juliet Letters
Leave My Kitten AloneKojak Variety
Less Than ZeroMy Aim Is True
Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)miscellaneous
Lesson In Crueltymiscellaneous
Let Him DangleSpike
Life Shrinksmiscellaneous
Lip ServiceThis Year's Model
Lipstick VogueThis Year's Model
Little AtomsAll This Useless Beauty
Little Goody Two ShoesOut Of Our Idiot
Little PalacesKing Of America
Little SavageImperial Bedroom
Little TriggersThis Year's Model
Living In ParadiseThis Year's Model
London's BrilliantNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
London's Brilliant ParadeBrutal Youth
Long Journey Homemiscellaneous
Lost In The Starsmiscellaneous
LovableKing Of America
Love FieldGoodbye Cruel World
Love For SaleTrust
Love For TenderGet Happy!!
Love Went MadPunch the Clock
Lovers That Never Weremiscellaneous
Lover's WalkTrust

Man Out Of TimeImperial Bedroom
Men Called UncleGet Happy!!
Miracle ManMy Aim Is True
Mischievous Ghostmiscellaneous
Miss MacbethSpike
Miss Marymiscellaneous
Mistress And Maidmiscellaneous
Moods For ModernsArmed Forces
Motel MatchesGoodbye Cruel World
Motel MatchesGet Happy!!
Mouth AlmightyPunch the Clock
Must You Throw Dirt In My FaceKojak Variety
My Brave Facemiscellaneous
My Dark Lifemiscellaneous
My Funny ValentineTaking Liberties
My Funny ValentineArmed Forces
My Little Blue WindowWhen I Was Cruel
My Mood Swingsmiscellaneous
My Science Fiction TwinBrutal Youth
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To YouAlmost Blue
My ThiefPainted From Memory
Mystery DanceMy Aim Is True

New AmsterdamGet Happy!!
New Lace SleevesTrust
Next Time 'RoundBlood And Chocolate
Night Before Larry Was Stretchedmiscellaneous
Night RallyThis Year's Model
Night RallyTaking Liberties
Night TimeImperial Bedroom
No ActionThis Year's Model
No DancingMy Aim Is True
No WonderFor The Stars

O, Mistress Minemiscellaneous
Oliver's ArmyArmed Forces
OpportunityGet Happy!!
Our Little AngelKing Of America

Pads, Paws And ClawsSpike
Painted From MemoryPainted From Memory
Party GirlArmed Forces
Party Partymiscellaneous
Pay It BackMy Aim Is True
PaydayKojak Variety
Peace In Our TimeGoodbye Cruel World
Pidgin EnglishImperial Bedroom
Pills And SoapPunch the Clock
Playboy To A ManMighty Like A Rose
Please StayKojak Variety
Poison MoonMy Aim Is True
Poisoned RoseKing Of America
Pony StreetBrutal Youth
Poor Fractured AtlasAll This Useless Beauty
Poor NapoleonBlood And Chocolate
PossessionGet Happy!!
Pouring Water On A Drowning ManKojak Variety
Pretty WordsTrust
PsychoAlmost Blue
Pump It UpThis Year's Model
Punishing Kissmiscellaneous
Puppet GirlNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindnessmiscellaneous

Radio RadioThis Year's Model
Radio SilenceWhen I Was Cruel
Radio SweetheartTaking Liberties
Radio SweetheartMy Aim Is True
Really MystifiedImperial Bedroom
Remove This DoubtKojak Variety
Riot ActGet Happy!!
Riot ActGet Happy!!
Rocking Horse RoadBrutal Youth
Romeo's SeanceThe Juliet Letters
Room With No NumberGoodbye Cruel World
RopeFor The Stars
Running Out Of AngelsThis Year's Model
Running Out Of FoolsKojak Variety

Sad About GirlsTrust
Scarlet Tide, Themiscellaneous
Secondary ModernGet Happy!!
Seconds Of PleasureImperial Bedroom
Senior ServiceArmed Forces
Seven Day WeekendBlood And Chocolate
Seven Day WeekendOut Of Our Idiot
Shabby DollImperial Bedroom
Shadow and Jimmymiscellaneous
Shallow GraveAll This Useless Beauty
Shamed Into LoveDeep Dead Blue
Shamed Into LoveFor The Stars
ShatterproofPunch the Clock
She (Tous Les Visages de L'Amour)miscellaneous
ShipbuildingPunch the Clock
Shoes Without HeelsKing Of America
Shoes Without HeelsOut Of Our Idiot
Shot With His Own GunTrust
Sittin' And Thinkin'Almost Blue
Sittin' And Thinkin'Almost Blue
Sleep Of The JustKing Of America
Sleepless NightsGoodbye Cruel World
Sneaky FeelingsMy Aim Is True
So Like CandyMighty Like A Rose
So YoungOut Of Our Idiot
So YoungGet Happy!!
Soul For HireWhen I Was Cruel
Sour Milk-Cow BluesGoodbye Cruel World
Spooky GirlfriendWhen I Was Cruel
St Stephen's Day Murdersmiscellaneous
Stalin Malone (instrumental)Spike
Starting To Come To MeAll This Useless Beauty
Step Inside Love (selected copies only)Kojak Variety
Sticks And Stones (selected copies only)Kojak Variety
Still Too Soon To KnowBrutal Youth
StrangeKojak Variety
Stranger In The HouseTaking Liberties
Stranger In The HouseMy Aim Is True
Strict TimeTrust
SuccessAlmost Blue
Such Unlikely LoversPainted From Memory
Suffering FaceKing Of America
Suit Of LightsKing Of America
Sulky GirlBrutal Youth
Sunday's BestArmed Forces
Sunday's BestTaking Liberties
Suspect My Tearsmiscellaneous
Sweet DreamsAlmost Blue
Sweet PearMighty Like A Rose
SwineThe Juliet Letters

Taking My Life In Your HandsThe Juliet Letters
Talking In The DarkTaking Liberties
Talking In The DarkArmed Forces
TartWhen I Was Cruel
Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)miscellaneous
Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)When I Was Cruel
Tears At The Birthday PartyPainted From Memory
Tears Before BedtimeImperial Bedroom
Tears Before BedtimeAlmost Blue
TemptationGet Happy!!
That Day is Donemiscellaneous
The BeatThis Year's Model
The Big LightKing Of America
The Birds Will Still Be SingingThe Juliet Letters
The ComediansGoodbye Cruel World
The Deportees ClubGoodbye Cruel World
The Element Within HerPunch the Clock
The First to LeaveThe Juliet Letters
The Flirting KindPunch the Clock
The Flirting KindOut Of Our Idiot
The Great UnknownGoodbye Cruel World
The Greatest ThingPunch the Clock
The ImposterGet Happy!!
The Invisible ManPunch the Clock
The Letter HomeThe Juliet Letters
The Long DivisionPainted From Memory
The Long HoneymoonImperial Bedroom
The Loved OnesImperial Bedroom
The Nameless OneNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
The Only Daddy That'll Walk The LineKing Of America
The Only Flame In TownGoodbye Cruel World
The Other End (Of The Telescope)All This Useless Beauty
The Other Side Of SummerMighty Like A Rose
The People's LimousineOut Of Our Idiot
The People's LimousineKing Of America
The Scarlet Tidemiscellaneous
The Stamping GroundImperial Bedroom
The Stamping GroundOut Of Our Idiot
The Sweetest PunchPainted From Memory
The Unfailing Welcome To The Voicemiscellaneous
The Very Thought of YouKojak Variety
The World And His WifePunch the Clock
The World Of Broken HeartsImperial Bedroom
There Won't Be AnymoreAlmost Blue
They'll Never Take Her Love From MeKing Of America
This House Is Empty Nowmiscellaneous
This House Is Empty NowPainted From Memory
This Is A TestNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
This Is HellBrutal Youth
This Offer Is UnrepeatableThe Juliet Letters
This Sad BurlesqueThe Juliet Letters
This Year's GirlThis Year's Model
Tiny StepsTaking Liberties
Tiny StepsArmed Forces
TKO (Boxing Day)Punch the Clock
Tokyo Storm WarningBlood And Chocolate
ToledoPainted From Memory
Tommy's Coming Homemiscellaneous
Tonight The Bottle Let Me DownAlmost Blue
Too Far GoneAlmost Blue
Town CryerImperial Bedroom
Town Where Time Stood StillPunch the Clock
Tramp The Dirt DownSpike
Turning The Town RedGoodbye Cruel World
Turning The Town RedOut Of Our Idiot
Twenty-Five Fingersmiscellaneous
Twenty-Five To TwelveTrust
Two Little HitlersArmed Forces

UncomplicatedBlood And Chocolate
Unwanted Numbermiscellaneous
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Bluemiscellaneous


Waiting For The End Of The WorldMy Aim Is True
Walking On Thin IcePunch the Clock
Walking On Thin IceOut Of Our Idiot
Watch Your StepTrust
Watching The DetectivesArmed Forces
Watching The DetectivesMy Aim Is True
Wave A White FlagMy Aim Is True
We Despise YouNow Ain't The Time For Your Tears
Wednesday WeekTaking Liberties
Wednesday WeekArmed Forces
Weird NightmareDeep Dead Blue
Welcome To The Working WeekMy Aim Is True
What Do I Do Now?miscellaneous
What's Her Name Today?Painted From Memory
When I Was Cruel No. 2When I Was Cruel
When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boymiscellaneous
White KnucklesTrust
Who Do You Think You Are?The Juliet Letters
Why Can't A Man Stand AloneAll This Useless Beauty
Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)?Almost Blue
Why?The Juliet Letters
Withered And DiedOut Of Our Idiot
Withered and DiedGoodbye Cruel World
World And His Wife, ThePunch the Clock
Worthless ThingGoodbye Cruel World

You Belong To MeThis Year's Model
You Bowed DownAll This Useless Beauty
You Little FoolImperial Bedroom
You Tripped At Every StepBrutal Youth
You Want Her Toomiscellaneous
You'll Never Be A ManTrust
Your Angel Steps Out Of HeavenAlmost Blue
Your Mind Is On Vacation/Your Funeral And My TrialKing Of America