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    1. Clubland
    2. Lover's Walk
    3. You'll Never Be A Man
    4. Pretty Words
    5. Strict Time
    6. Luxembourg
    7. Watch Your Step
    8. New Lace Sleeves
    9. From A Whisper To A Scream
    10. Different Finger
    11. White Knuckles
    12. Shot With His Own Gun
    13. Fish 'n' Chip Paper
    14. Big Sister's Clothes
    15. Black Sails In The Sunset
    16. Big Sister
    17. Sad About Girls
    18. Twenty-Five To Twelve
    19. Love For Sale
    20. Gloomy Sunday
    21. Boy With a Problem (demo)


Transcribed by:
Jeremy Thompson
-send comments and corrections to 

-n.c. = no chord (i.e., single notes played)
-when (n.c.) notes and (chords) are presented together within slashes
(/), it indicates they are occurring at the same time.  If the
guitarist is unaccompanied, he will have to decide which set of notes
to play.

E / Em

       Bm      G      Em      F#
With a handful of backhanders
      Bm       G   Em      F#
And a bevy of beauty
Bm         G      Em         F#
Going off-limits, going off duty
 Bm            G      Em             F#    G
Going off the rails, going off with booty
[G]                                Em
The tell-tales of fiction found on all the criminal types
 Bm        G      Em      F#
Lead to a higher ranking man
     Bm       G   Em        F#
Or a face within red stripes

     B         F#
The boys next door
     B        F#
The mums and dads
 B            F#
New-weds and nearly-deads
 B                  F#
Have you ever been had
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?

           Bm       G         Em      F#
There's a piece in someone's pocket
           Bm  G    Em   F#
To do the dirty work
        Bm       G       Em    F#
You've come to shoot the pony
                Bm   G  Em     F#
They've come to do the jerk
      G                                  Em
They lead 'em halfway to paradise; they leave you halfway to bliss
    Bm      G    Em     F#
The ladies' invitation
       Bm     G    Em   F#
Never seemed like this

     B         F#
The boys next door
     B        F#
The mums and dads
 B            F#
New-weds and nearly-deads
 B                  F#
Have you ever been had
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?

Em / (n.c.) D#-C#-B (chord) B /
(*see below) G / F# /

     B       A       G         F#     D        E        D   E
The long arm of the law slides up the outskirts of town
B     A        G        F#      D   E    D         E
Meanwhile in Clubland they are ready to pull them down...   hey!

Bm / (n.c.) E-D-C# (chord) G / (n.c.) B-A-B (chord) F# /
Bm / G  G-G  F#  F#-F#
Bm / G  F#
Bm / G  F#

     Bm       G       Em      F#
The right to work is traded in
        Bm          G     Em      F#
For the right to refuse admission
Bm          G       Em           F#
Don't pass out now-there's no refund
         Bm            G       Em       F#
Did you find out what you were missing?
      G                          Em
The crowd is taking forty winks, minus ten percent
    Bm      G     Em      F#
You barely get required sleep
       Bm        G      Em       F#    G
To go lingering with contentment
[G]                   Em (n.c.) E-F#-G-A-B-B
Thursday to Saturday, money's gone already
Bm           G      Em            F#
Some things come in common these days
     Bm         G    Em      F#
Your hands and work aren't steady

     B         F#
The boys next door
     B        F#
The mums and dads
 B            F#
New-weds and nearly-deads
 B                  F#
Have you ever been had
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?
     B  (n.c.) B-E-D#-C# / (chord) F#-F#-F#-F#-F#-F#
In Clubland?

Em / Bm


* the section before the middle (which begins "The long arm of the
law...") finishes with Elvis playing jagged three-note phrases high
on the guitar neck. Here they are (each measure counts twice):

  G                              F#

Lover's Walk

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

n.c.    = no chord

This song, because of the rhythmic nature and 
paucity of chord changes, might not work well 
as a piece for singer and solo guitar.


I won't walk with my head bowed
(Be on) Beyond caution where lovers walk
My love walks where three's a crowd
                                 A G A G A G
Beyond caution where lovers walk

Lovers walk, lovers scramble
Beyond caution where the lovers walk
Lovers step, shuffle and gamble
                                 A G A G A G
Beyond caution where lovers walk

Lovers trip, lovers stumble
Lovers dip, lovers fumble
Lovers lip where love has crumbled
                                 A G A G A G
Beyond caution where lovers walk

Lovers strut, lovers stroll, lovers leap
Lovers late, lovers wait
Making promises that they can't keep
Lovers link up arm and arm
Lovers slink up, lovers charm
Lovers drink up and come to harm
                                 A G A G A G
Beyond caution where lovers walk

Love is gone and it's no one's fault
Love has stopped here, lovers halt
Lovers don't walk, lovers run
Will you look what love has done
Will you look what love has done
Will you look what love has done
                                 A G A G A G
Beyond caution where lovers walk

A                                      A G A G A G
Now love's limping on a lover's crutch
Looking for a hand with a personal touch
A                                 A G A G A G
Beyond caution where lovers walk

You'll Never Be A Man

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

Fadd9  = 303211

Dm7    = XX0211


Bm  G C B Fadd9 G

A                                                    Bm    A D
You need protection from the physical art of conversation
A                                                            Bm   A D
Though the fist is mightier than the lip, it adds the aggravation

Bridge and Chorus:

Bm        G
I got the password
C           Am
I got persuasion
F        Am         F              Am
A proposition for invasion of your privacy
         F             Dm7              C
Give yourself away and find the fake in me
You'll never be a man
                   D              E   A         D A
No matter how many foreign bodies you can take
       A               D A
You'll never be a man
A           D                       A
When you're half a woman and you're half awake
           Bm7                      A
(1) With a face full of tears and a chemical shake
(2) Under the table with a chemical shake
Given half a chance, that I can take
F                            C
Are you so superior, are you in such pain
    Dm7             C
Are you made out of porcelain?
     F                  C
When they made you they broke the cast
      Dm7                            G
Don't wanna be first, I just want to last

A                                                 Bm    A D
You strike a profile on the low side of my imagination
A                                                        Bm    A D
My eyes climbed down to find the point of possible saturation

(Bridge and Chorus)

Pretty Words

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

Note: This song was recorded in the key of F major, 
but I transposed it to Gmajor. I am just more used 
to the chords in G. For the original key of F version 
please refer to the songbook. 
Also, I am not the world's finest transposer, so let 
me know what what mistakes you find! thanks,   m.

I ask you nicely
                    D     Em      F  C
Get my face slapped under wraps
What's going on precisely
                   D        Em
Is there something wrong perhaps?
C         D7 G    
Surprise, surprise (surprise, surprise)
D C                D7 G         D               Em  D
    It's more like a booby trap than a booby prize
G                                        D     Em     F C
Civil disobedience from a soldier with a dirty rifle
G                                                    D     Em
You're loosening all the screws that hold the hinges of my life
C         D7 G
Fat cats and army brats
C        D7 G       D              Em       F C
Hep cats in dog tag pawing over girly mags


G                  F            Bm  C#m  D  E6
Pretty words don't mean much anymore
G                  Bb                Em F#m 
I don't mean to be mean much anymore
G             C
All I see are snapshots, bigshots, tender spots
(1) mug shots, machine slots
(2) machine slots, mug shots
'Till you don't know what's what
                             Em F C
You don't know what you got

G                              D    Em  F C
Curious women running after curious men
Curiosity didn't kill the cat
         D        Em
It was a poisoned pen
C               D7  G                      D
But there's not much choice (it's Hobson's choice)
C       D7 G          D              Em   D 
Between a cruel mouth and a jealous voice
Got back to London
               D        Em
Picked a paper from the man
No words of consolation
                  D      Em
Just cartoons and titter tatter
C         D7 G
Well well, fancy that
C                 D7 G                C
Millions murdered for a kiss me quick hat
No backbone, blood and guts
D                   Em     F
Better keep your big mouth shut


F              C             G
You don't know what you got . . . . 

Strict Time

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)


There's a hand on a wire that leads to my mouth
I can hear you knocking but I'm not coming out
Don't want to be a puppet or a ventriloquist
'Cause there's no ventilation on a critical list
D                                    C
Fingers creeping up my spine are not mine to resist
Strict time


Toughen up, toughen up
Keep your lip buttoned up
Strict time

Oh the muscles flex and the fingers curl
And a cold sweat breaks out on the sweater girl
Strict time
Oh he's all hands, don't touch that dial
The courting cold wars weekend witch trial
Strict time
D                                       C
All the boys are straight laced and the girls are frigid
The talk is two-faced and the rules are rigid 'cause it's strict time
Strict time


You talk in hushed tones, I talk in lush tones
Try to look Italian through the musical Valium
Strict time
Thinking of grand larceny
Smoking the everlasting cigarette of chastity
Cute assistants staying alive
C                                 G
More like a hand job than the hand jive
Strict time



From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

n.c.                   B7
Dressed up like a dog's dinner
Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth
If this is a dog's life
Then you're the cat's clothes
They hire out your sons
And hire out your daughters
The man from abroad says he's already bought her
And now you look like a lover but you're only a tourist

              Em             Bm
You're either talking or yawning
           A                     B
You didn't listen to a thing you heard
      Em                 B              A                          B7
Don't start your morning moaning or you might wake up in Luxembourg

You get over
You're worried by her body
She's worryin' about her bodily odour
You pull off
The pull over
You say that you love her when you really loathe her
Serves you right now she wants you to feed her and clothe her


F#                                    Bm
They're smiling sweetly while they're looking daggers
F#                Bm
Kick you where it really matters
F#                       Bm
Send all your friends to Coventry
    F#                         Bm         E        
And look for your name in last night's obituaries

If you've got the Deutschmarks
If you've got the Yen, then
You get the shirt off her back and the clock off Big Ben
Somebody's soft touch
Struck all these bargains
In the drinking clubs with the council men making
plans to put lead back in their pencils again


Watch Your Step

Tabbed by: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

C F Em     C F G  (repeat)

   C           F   Em  C         F   Cm 
1.)Don't say a word,   don't say anything
2.)Ev'ry day is full   of fun,   and 
3.)Ev'ry night go out     full   of 

   C           F     Em  C        F     G
1.)Don't say a word, I'm not even listening
2.)  family spies,       they're making heroes 
3.)carnival desires       end up in the 

   C             Dm          Em
1.)I read in the papers about their escape
2.)out of fall guys     they say it's good 
3.)closing time choirs       when you're 

   F            C                      Em          F  C      F Em C
1.)They're just two bit of kids from a bunch of so-ur grapes
2.)for business                 from   Singapore to Widnes
   F                        C Dm         Em                F
3.)kicking in the car chrome  And you're drinking down the Eau de
           C Dm       Em               F          C F Em C
3.{cont.})And you're spitting out the Kodachrome

       C          F         G     C   F Em C F G
1,2,3.)You better watch your step

C           Bm          Am          F
Watch who's knocking on your front door
        C                 Bm
Now you know that they're watching
             Am      F
What are you waiting for?
             C          Bm
Think you're young and original
Am        F        C F Em 
Get out before...
C           F          G    C F Em C F G
They get to watch your step

C      Bm            Am     F
Broken noses hung up on the wall
C             Bm                 Am           F
Back slapping drinkers cheer the heavy weight brawl
C        Bm               Am   F            C F Em 
So punch drunk they don't understand at all
C          F          G    
You better watch your step


Am  F Em C G F Em Dm  G C Bb F

C   Bm
  Am           F
I send you all my regards
C         Bm
You're so tough
Am        F
You're so hard
C             Bm          Am         F         G    C
Listen to the hammers falling in the breaker's yard
C          F          G    C
You better watch your step
You better watch your step
Ooh, watch your step

New Lace Sleeves

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

Bad lovers face to face in the morning
Shy apologies and polite regrets
Slow dances that left no warning of
Outraged glances and indiscreet yawning
F                    G                C
Good manners and bad breath get you nowhere
C                   Am
Even presidents have newspaper lovers
F                     Fm     
Ministers go crawling under covers
C        Am
She's no angel
C       F
He's no saint
C           Am              F       
They're all covered up with white washed grease paint
(alt: white washed newsprint)
And you say...


C           F                           G           Am
The teacher never told you anything but white lies
Bb                C/Bb
But you never see the lies
          F/A   Fm/Ab
And you believe
Bb/Ab                     C/G
Oh you know you have been captured
    F                  Am/E
You feel so civilized
D               F                       C
And you look so pretty in your new lace sleeves

The salty lips of the socialite sisters
With their continental fingers that have
never seen working blisters
Oh I know they've got their problems
F            G      
I wish I was one of them
C              Am
They say daddy's coming home soon
F                                 Fm                  
With his sergeant stripes and his Empire mug and spoon
C       Am
No more fast buck
C                       F
And when are they gonna learn their lesson
C                   Am                F             G
When are they gonna stop all of these victory processions
And you say...


C                                         Bb
look so pretty in your new lace sleeves

outro riff: (?)


From A Whisper To A Scream

Tabbed by: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)


Bbdim  = XX2323

E  D  A  F#

              E (alternate between E & E/D)
Oh it's not easy to resist temptation
Walking around looking like a figment of somebody else's imagination
Taking ev'ry word she says just like an open invitation
        A                         F#m
But the power of persuasion is no match for anticipation


       E              Bbdim      A E
Like a finger running down a seam
E                   Bbdim   A  E
From a whisper to a scream
E    D
So I whisper and I scream
A         E   D    E    D  E
But don't get me wrong
D            A           B
Please don't leave me waitin' too long
Waitin' too long
Waitin' too long
Waitin' too long
      E D E
   D     E     D  E
Oh oh oh oh oh

E     D   E (alternate between E & E/D)
Oh if the customers like it then they'll keep on paying
If they keep on drinking then they'll end up staying
I heard someone say where have we met before
        A                                 F#m
But the one over the eight seem less like one or more like four


Different Finger

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

A7              D                                  A7
Please put your rings on a diff'rent finger if you meet me tonight
'Cause I can't stand those suspicious glances
'Cause I know the things they're saying are right

        D7     G
They're saying why don't you straighten up
And see what you've got to lose
C                                                            G
Put it all down to fate but you still got the chance to choose

G                         F          C
I don't want to hear your whole life story
    A                                       D       D7
Or about my strange resemblance to some old flame
G                 F        C
All I want is one night of glory
D                                  G 
I don't even know your second name


A7   D   A     D D7 G  D   A7    D

B7              E
Please put your rings on a diff'rent finger 
'cause we've got so much at stake
I can't stand those suspicious glances
'Cause they seem to cover ev'ry move I make

E7       A                        E
But if I can be alone with you completely tonight
Put your rings on a diff'rent finger
                      A  E  F#m7 (XX2222) E
Before I turn out the light

Shot With His Own Gun

From: michael@magick.net (michael p mccullough)

Comment: I am not sure how well this song 
works with solo guitar/singer combo. The 
version on the album w vocal and piano is 
great, though. If anybody figures out a 
better arrangement for guitar please 
let me know. I am more of a strummer than a picker, but I think a good
guitarist could turn this into a great arrangement. thanks,    m.

D+    = XX4332
Ab    = XX1114 
Ebm   = XX4342
G#dim = XX3434

Dm Am Dm Am

Am                          F      C
How does it feel now you've been undressed
     Dm         C             G      C
by a man with a mind like the gutter press
E       Am         D         G      D
So disappointed to find it's no big sin
G     D       G     G#dim
Lying skin to skin


little riff:


Dm   Am   Dm  Am       (lil' riff)
Shot with his own gun
Dm  Am  Dm Am       (lil' riff)
Now dad is keeping mum
Dm   Am           C      (end riff)  
Shot with his own gun    e--0-0-0--1---

Ab  F#  Ebm         F#          D           D+ Bb   F
Now somebody has to pay for the one who got away

Am                        F        C
What's on his mind now is anyone's guess
Dm         C          G       C
Losing his touch with each caress
E              Am              D    G
Spending ev'ry evening looking so appealing
   D             G
He comes without warning
D              G   G#dim
Leaves without feeling


Ab F#   Ebm                F#            D             D+ Bb   F
On your marks, man, ready, set Let's get loaded and forget

Am                      F      C
The little corporal got in the way
    Dm     C          G        C
And he got hit by an emotional ricochet
E          Am            D           G
It's a bit more now than dressing up dolly
D       G           D       G  G#dim
Playing house seems so melancholy


Ab F#   Ebm           F#             D                D+  Bb   F
Oh it's too sad to be true your blue murder's killing you


(yeah, right, I can TAB that!?!)


Big Sister's Clothes

Transcribed by acampos@rain.org (Aaron Campos)

E            C#m      A     B
Sheep to the slaughter oh I thought this must be love
E                 C#m      A              B
All your sons and daughters in a strangle hold with a kid glove
G                   Em     C       D
She's got eyes like saucers oh you think she's a dish
G          Em             C              B
She is the blue chip that belongs to the big fish

         Em             G
But it's easier to say "I love you,"
      C        B
than "Yours sincerely" I suppose
Em G               C              B            C
All little sisters like to try on big sister's clothes
B            C
Big sister's clothes

G            Cm                     G
The sport of kings, the old queen's heart
              C                   Em
The prince in darkness stole some tart
                C                   Em
And it's in the papers, it's in the charts
            C                    B
It's in the stop press before it all starts.

       E                      C#m   A             B
With a hammer on the slap and tickle under grisly garments
     E             C#m        A                   B
With all the style and finesse of the purchase of armaments
   G                   Em
Compassion went out of fashion
C                  D
That's all your concern meant
G                Em                C    B
Sweat it out for thirty seconds on home improvements


Sad About Girls

From: "Arif Jamal Ansari" 

Hi, howdy. So, I've done my best - figgered out the 
chords to my fave bonus track on _Trust_. Lyrics are as 
close as I can guess. I've realized that this is a song 
Elvis himself is unlikely to have written- it's too much 
of a lament, there's not enough bitterness. Which 
makes it kind of nice break from more acidic tunes like 
"So Like Candy" (which, by the way, if anyone has the 
chords to, I would like a whole lot).

To all the girls who are waiting to
                       Bb  F 
escape in the morning
You want to leave me 
                         Bb  F
without even a warning
     E                        Am
A trace or calling card

F       Am      F

Am                                         C
Sad about girls who know perfectly well
          F                     G
Why he's so sad about this girl
F                      G
He's so mad about this girl
      C           Bb        A        F  G 

So understanding,
                              Bb  F
oh, she's so un-demanding
So in control, so on the whole, 
          Bb               F
she's so good to you
Until she gets to you
Am                                   F
Sad about girls in your poor little world
That you unwrap and re-wrap 
and know when she leaves
                Am                                     C
That the next girl you suffer, you put in your heart
F                           G
Unwrap love, before she can know you
           F                                          G
She's just got to show you the way that 
you're gonna be sad---

Sad about girls who are
                                         Bb  F
waiting to escape in the morning
                    C                                   Bb  F
Get up and leave without even a warning


Am                                    F
Nowhere is  sad as the girls in the night
      Am                                   F
So ready to please you so ready to fight
Am                                         C
Sad about girls who know perfectly well
          F                     G
Why he's so sad about this girl
F                      G
He's so mad about this girl
      C           Bb        A        F 
                                 C         Bb        A        F 
Sad about girls tonight

Love For Sale

(Cole Porter)
This tune is a real workout for guitar due to it being in the key of Bb,
But the important thing is to keep it mucho molto...  On the F augmented (F+)
chords, hold for a half note, palm your pick and attack the triads in a 
quarter note fashion and stay on top of the beat until the chord change.

I've been performing this song for about 7 years now, but if I have made an 
error, please forward all corrections to hamnrye@mindspring.com.

         Bb             Ab
When the only sound in the empty street is the 
Gb              Fm                      Ebm     Ab7     Db
heavy tread of the heavy feet that be-long to a lonesome cop
F       F7      Bbm     Cm7
I       open    shop

F7      Bb7                     Ab7     
When the moon so long has been gazing down on the
F#7             E7                      A                  Ab   Ab7
wayward ways of this wayward town that her smile becomes a smirk
F       F7        Bb
I           go to work

Eb              Bbm
Love for        sale
Eb                        Bbm
Appetizing young love for sale
Eb                    Ab7
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled
Db              Ebm
Love that's only slightly soiled
Bbm     F7+5    Bbm
Love for sale

Eb              Bb
Who will        buy?
Eb                      Bb
Who would like to sample my supply?
Eb                Ab7
Who's prepared to pay the price
Db              Ebm
For a trip to paradise?
Bbm     F7      Bbm
Love for sale

Ebm             Ab7             Db
Let the poets pipe of love      In their childish way
Ebm7            Ab7             Db              Bbm7
I know every type of love       better far than they 
Bb7                             Ebm
If you want the thrill of love  I've been through the mill of love
Gb      Ebm     Edim    C7
Old     love    New     love
B7              Bdim
Every love but  True love

Eb              Bbm
Love for        sale
Eb                      Bb
Appetizing young love for sale
Eb              Ab7             Db              Ebm
If you want to but my wares     Follow me and climb the stairs

F+              Bbm     Bbm7
Love for        sale
Bbm6    Eb7     Ebm7    F+      Edim    Ebm6    Bb
Love for                        sale