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Why A Gigography

From the original developer of the gigography, Thomas Schlegel:

I always like to know where to get facts and information about an artist. For instance I may want to know if he played a certain venue before. Often I record a show from the radio and nobody tells me when or where the show did take place. But I certainly want to know.

That was the reason to create a "Gigography" like this about the artist I like most.

I started compiling this list a few years ago and gave all information I could get into my computer. One day I saw a great "Gigography" on the web. A few weeks later I saw a second one. Then I started to build one about Elvis Costello from my personal file, contacted Mark and here it is!

To keep the loading-time of these documents be as short as possible I decided to make several parts instead of one big file. I hope you will find it as useful as I found it.

All information in this set of documents taken from:
Richard Groodhuizen: "Elvis Costello - So Far"
Richard Groothuizen / Kees den Heyer: "Going Through The Motions (Elvis Costello - 1982/1985)"
Richard Groothuizen: "Elvis Costello Information Service" (magazine)
Mike Bodayle: "Beyond Belief" (magazine)
and a lot of lists, papers & magazines.

With special thanks to: Mike Bodayle, Richard Groothuizen, Kjell Magnusson & B.K.

Please help make these files better and better. If you have any corrections or additions please send mail to: