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Gigography: All Appearances 1990-1994

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1990-08-10Interview"Pop Talk", BBC Worldservice-AM, UKradio
1990-10-26SoloMountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre "Bridge School Benefit" w./Neil Yconcert H

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1991-02-?with Mary Coughlan"Bringing It All Back Home", RTE Dublin (L/3/6/91)TV
1991-04-18Interview"Pop", Tele 5, Munich (22/6/91)TV
1991-04-18InterviewRadio FFN, Germany (4/6/1991)radio
1991-04-18InterviewDeutschlandfunk-FM, Germany (Mixed With Interview Partsradio
1991-04-18Interview"Airplay", Premiere, Hamburg (28/6/91)TV
1991-04-18Interview"A Little Hand Of Concrete", NDR 4-FM, Germany (Mixed Wradio
1991-04-18InterviewNDR 2-FM, Germany (3/6/91)radio
1991-04-19Interview"Popjournal", ???-FM, Holland (Phone Interview)radio
1991-04-22Interview"Avondspits", ???-FM, Holland (26/4/91)radio
1991-04-22Interview"Countdown Cafe", ???-FM, Holland (10/5/91)radio
1991-04-23Interview"Den Rullende Rockred Aktionen", ???-FM, Denmark (16/5/9radio
1991-04-23Interview"Radio Apparaten", ???-FM, Sweden (Recorded In Denmark) (radio
1991-05-11*Interview"Villa Lux", RTL 4, HollandTV
1991-05-17*Interview"Friday At The Dome", Channel 4TV
1991-05-18with house band"Saturday Night Live", NBC, NYC, liveTV P S
1991-05-18*Interview"Radio Sequence", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1991-05-20?Interview"Richard Skinner Show", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1991-05-25with Rude 5Santa Barbara, CA, County Bowlconcert
1991-05-26with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatreconcert T
1991-05-28with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatreconcert T
1991-05-29with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatreconcert K
1991-05-31with Rude 5Berkeley, CA, Greek Theatreconcert T
1991-06-01with Rude 5Berkeley, CA, Greek Theatreconcert T
1991-06-03with Rude 5"Unplugged", MTV, Warner Hollywood Studios (L)TV
1991-06-03with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatreconcert T
1991-06-04with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatreconcert T
1991-06-07with Rude 5East Troy, WI, Alpine Valley Music Theatreconcert
1991-06-08with Rude 5Tinley Park, IL, World Music Theatreconcert
1991-06-09with Rude 5Detroit, MI, Fox Theatreconcert
1991-06-12with Rude 5Cleveland, OH, Nautica Stageconcert
1991-06-13with Rude 5Toronto/Can., Kingswoodconcert
1991-06-15with Rude 5Philadelphia, PA, Mann Music Centerconcert T
1991-06-16with Rude 5Columbia, MD, Merriweather Post Pavillionconcert K
1991-06-18with Rude 5Nashua (NH), Holman Stadiumconcert
1991-06-19with Rude 5Bristol, CT, Lake Compounceconcert T
1991-06-21with Rude 5Mansfield, MA, Great Woods Performing Artconcert
1991-06-22with Rude 5New York City, NY, Madison Square Gardensconcert G P T
1991-06-28with Rude 5"Roskilde Festival", Denmarkconcert
1991-06-8?Interview"Metro", ITV w./Ian DuryTV
1991-07-01with Rude 5London, Hammersmith Odeonconcert T
1991-07-02with Rude 5London, Hammersmith Odeonconcert
1991-07-03with Rude 5London, Hammersmith Odeonconcert T
1991-07-05with Rude 5London, Hammersmith Odeonconcert
1991-07-06with Rude 5London, Hammersmith Odeonconcert
1991-07-07with Rude 5London, Hammersmith Odeonconcert
1991-07-09with Rude 5Bristol, Colston Hallconcert
1991-07-10with Rude 5Swiss (from Montreux-Show) (L)TV
1991-07-10with Rude 5Swiss (from Montreux-Show) (L) (Different Version)TV
1991-07-10with Rude 5???-FM, Switzerland (from Montreux-Show)radio
1991-07-10with Rude 5Montreux Jazz Festivalconcert
1991-07-12with Rude 5Liverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert
1991-07-13with Rude 5Glasgow, Barrowland Ballroomconcert
1991-07-14with Rude 5Edinburgh, Playhouse w./T-Bone Burnettconcert
1991-07-16with Rude 5Lerwick, Clickimin Centreconcert
1991-07-19with Rude 5Stockholm, Circusconcert
1991-07-20with Rude 5Hamburg, Stadtparkconcert
1991-07-22with Rude 5Rotterdam, De Doelenconcert T
1991-07-23with Rude 5Paris, Olympiaconcert T
1991-07-26with Rude 5Madrid, Las Ventasconcert
1991-07-29with Rude 5Badalona, Velodrom De Hortaconcert T
1991-07-30SoloGijon, Plaza De Torosconcert T
1991-08-????TV 3, SpainTV
1991-08-02with Rude 5Dublin, Olympia Theatreconcert
1991-08-03with Rude 5"Feile Festival", Thurles/Ireland, Semple Stadiumconcert
1991-08-09with Rude 5Wantaugh, NY, Jones Beach Theatreconcert T
1991-08-10with Rude 5Holmdel, NJ, Garden State Art Centerconcert
1991-08-13with Rude 5Universal City, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert T
1991-08-14with Rude 5Universal City, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert
1991-08-16with Rude 5Costa Mesa, CA, Pacific Amphitheatreconcert
1991-08-17with Rude 5Concord, CA, Concord Pavillionconcert
1991-08-22with Rude 5???-FM, Japan (from Tokyo-Show)radio
1991-08-22with Rude 5Tokyo, Budokanconcert
1991-08-24with Rude 5Sendai, Izumi City 21concert
1991-08-26with Rude 5Osaka, Osaka Festival Hallconcert
1991-08-27with Rude 5Nagoya, Kokai-Doconcert
1991-08-28with Rude 5Kyoto, Kai-Kanconcert
1991-08-3????"Rockopop", SpanishTV
1991-08-30with Rude 5Hiroshima, Melpark Hallconcert
1991-09-01with Rude 5Urayasu, Tokyo Bay N.K.Hallconcert
1991-09-02with Rude 5???-FM, Japan (from Omiya-Show) (???)radio
1991-09-02with Rude 5Omiya, Sonic City Hallconcert
1991-09-03with Rude 5Sapporo, Fuji Joshi Universityconcert
1991-09-06Interview"Tonight Live With Steve Vizard", ATN 7 AustraliaTV
1991-09-06InterviewJJJ-FM, Australiaradio
1991-09-06InterviewJJJ-FM, Australia (11/9/91)radio
1991-09-06with Rude 5Wollongong, Shellharbour Workers Clubconcert
1991-09-07with Rude 5Canberra, School Of Musicconcert
1991-09-09with Rude 5Auckland/Nz.,Logan Campbell Centreconcert
1991-09-10with Rude 5Wellington, Michael Fowler Centreconcert
1991-09-12with Rude 5Christchurch/Nz, Town Hallconcert
1991-09-13with Rude 5Dunedin/Nz, Town Hallconcert
1991-09-13*as VJ"Rage", ABC 2, AustraliaTV
1991-09-16with Rude 5Adelaide, Entertainment Centreconcert
1991-09-18with Rude 5Perth, Entertainment Centreconcert
1991-09-20with Rude 5Sydney, Entertainment Centreconcert
1991-09-21with Rude 5Brisbane, Festival Hallconcert
1991-09-23with Rude 5Melbourne, Tennis Centreconcert P R R T
1991-09-30*Interview"Steenen Tijdperk", AVRO-FM, Hollandradio

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1992-02-23Interview"Desert Island Discs", BBC 4-FM, UKradio
1992-02-29*Interview"BBC Profile: Elvis Costello-A Four Part Biography", BBradio
1992-03-07*Interview"BBC Profile: Elvis Costello-A Four Part Biography", BBradio
1992-03-14*Interview"BBC Profile: Elvis Costello-A Four Part Biography", BBradio
1992-03-21*Interview"BBC Profile: Elvis Costello-A Four Part Biography", BBradio
1992-07-01with Brodsky QuartetLondon, Amadeus Centreconcert
1992-08-13with Brodsky QuartetDartington, Great Hallconcert
1992-09-06SoloDublin, Abbey Theatre (Charity Show)concert
1992-10-11with Brodsky QuartetLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1992-11-01with Brodsky QuartetDublin, The Gateconcert
1992-11-01with Brodsky QuartetBBC, Dublin (from Dublin-Show) (Unbroadcasted) (Part Of This ShowTV

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1993-01-?Interview"The World Cafe", David Dye (Unbroadcast)radio
1993-01-06with Brodsky QuartetLondon, The Orangery (Press Gig)concert
1993-01-07with Brodsky Quartet"Night Waves", BBC 3-FM, UKradio
1993-01-20?Interview"Fresh Air", National Public Radioradio
1993-01-24*InterviewGreater London Radio, UKradio
1993-01-27with Brodsky Quartet"Nicky Campbell Goes Into The Night", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1993-02-06with Van MorrisonDublin, Point Depot (At Van Morrison-Show)concert
1993-02-16*with Brodsky Quartet"The Juliet Letters", BBC (Also Released As Commercial Video)TV
1993-02-22with Brodsky QuartetGlasgow, Royal Concert Hallconcert
1993-02-23with Brodsky Quartet???-FM, Denmark (from Kopenhagen-Show) (??/??/93)radio
1993-02-23with Brodsky QuartetKopenhagen, Radiohuset 1993-02-24 w./Brodsky Quartet Hamburg, Musikconcert
1993-02-26with Brodsky QuartetBerlin, Hochschule Der Künsteconcert
1993-02-28with Brodsky QuartetLondon, Theatre Royal Drury Laneconcert T
1993-03-01with Brodsky QuartetParis, Folies Bergeresconcert T
1993-03-02with Brodsky QuartetAmsterdam, Concertgebouwconcert T
1993-03-04with Brodsky QuartetMilano, Cineteatro Orfeoconcert
1993-03-06with Brodsky QuartetPisa, Teatro Politeomeconcert
1993-03-07with Brodsky QuartetMadrid, Teatro Monumentalconcert T
1993-03-08with Brodsky QuartetBarcelona, Palau De La Musica Bestconcert
1993-03-11with Brodsky QuartetTokyo, Sun Plaza Hallconcert
1993-03-12with Brodsky QuartetTokyo, Nakano Sunplazaconcert
1993-03-13with Brodsky QuartetTokyo, Hibiya Kokaidoconcert
1993-03-14with Brodsky QuartetLos Angeles, CA, UCLA Royce Hallconcert
1993-03-15Interview"Morning Becomes Electric", KCRW-FM, Los Angeles, CAradio
1993-03-15with Brodsky QuartetSan Francisco, CA, Davies Symphonyconcert T T
1993-03-16tvwith Brodsky Quartet"The Tonight Show With Jay Leno", NBC, Burbank, CA, liveTV S
1993-03-17with Brodsky QuartetBoston, MA, Symphony Hallconcert
1993-03-18with Brodsky QuartetNew York City, NY, Town Hallconcert
1993-04-08*Interview"Harry Enfield's Guide To Opera", Channel 4TV
1993-05-28with Brodsky QuartetBrighton, Theatre Royalconcert
1993-06-11?Interview"ABC In Concert", USTV
1993-07-10with Neil YoungSlane Castle, Ireland (At Neil Young-Show)concert
1993-07-20*Interview"A For Abba", BBC 1 (Short Segment About Abba)TV

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1994-01-03*Interview"On The Edge", ???-FM, USAradio
1994-01-04tvwith the Attractions"Top Of The Pops", BBC; live repeat, recording date unknownTV S
1994-01-22with Brodsky Quartet"September Songs"-Movie (P)TV
1994-01-27*Interview"Fresh Air", National Public Radioradio
1994-02-14Comment"Brit Awards", BBC (Short Segment-V.Morrison Lifetime Award) (15TV
1994-02-14InterviewNDR 2-FM, Germany (9/6/94)radio
1994-02-14InterviewViva, Germany (26/5/94)TV
1994-02-22Interview"Le Peor Della", SpanishTV
1994-02-23Solo & interview"Denk Aan Henk", VARA-FM, Holland (24/2/94)radio
1994-02-24????"Kelly", ???, BelfastTV
1994-02-26????"Beat Box", RTETV
1994-02-28Interview"Drivetime", Nicky Campbell, BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1994-03-01Solo & interview"Megamix", Arte, Paris (L/18/5/94)TV
1994-03-03tvwith the Attractions"Top Of The Pops", BBC 1; live, recorded 1994-03-02TV S
1994-03-05Solo"Tunnel", RAI 3 (L)TV
1994-03-05Interview"TG3 Oce 13.00", RAI 3TV
1994-03-07Interview"Kaleidoscope", BBC 4-FM, UKradio
1994-03-09*Solo & interview"Nulle Part Ailleurs", France (L)TV
1994-03-10*Interview"Nya Journalen", Kanal 1, SwedenTV
1994-03-11Interview"Paperclip", NCRV-FM, Hollandradio
1994-03-15?Interview"Fanning Profiles", RTE, DublinTV
1994-03-22InterviewVPRO-FM, Hollandradio
1994-03-23Solo & interview"Lolapalooza", VPRO, Holland (L)TV
1994-03-26Solo"Ĺkesson", Kanal 4, Stockholm/Sweden (L)TV
1994-03-27?Interview"Music Scene", RTL 5 HollandTV
1994-04-01tvwith the Attractions"Late Night With David Letterman", CBS, NYC, liveTV S
1994-04-12with Tony Bennett"Unplugged", MTV, New York City (L)TV
1994-04-17*Interview"Dynam'Hit", RTBF, Belgium (Same Location-Different InterviewTV
1994-04-2?Interview"Dynam'Hit", RTBF, BelgiumTV
1994-04-20Interview & with the Attractions"Kevin Greening", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1994-05-02*Documentary"Dusty-Full Cicle", ?? (Short Tribute By E.C. To D.Springfield)TV
1994-05-03with the AttractionsVancouver, Orpheum Theatreconcert S
1994-05-05with the AttractionsSeattle, WA, Paramount Theatreconcert S
1994-05-07with the AttractionsMountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatreconcert K S T
1994-05-07tvwith the Attractions"Later With Jools Holland", BBC 2 (L)TV
1994-05-08with the AttractionsConcord, CA, Pavilionconcert K S T
1994-05-08*Movie"Family I", BBC 1 (E.C. During Credits)TV
1994-05-10with the AttractionsSanta Barbara, CA, County Bowlconcert
1994-05-11with the AttractionsUniversal City, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert S T
1994-05-12with the Attractions"Late Night With David Letterman", NBC New York City (L)TV
1994-05-13with the Attractions"Larry Sanders Show", Los Angeles (L)TV
1994-05-13with the AttractionsUniversal City, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert S
1994-05-14with the AttractionsLaguna Hills, CA, Irvine Meadowsconcert K K S
1994-05-15*Movie"Family II", BBC 1 (E.C. During Credits)TV
1994-05-16with the AttractionsSan Diego, CA, Starlight Amphitheatreconcert
1994-05-17with the AttractionsMesa, AZ, Mesa Amphitheatreconcert K S
1994-05-19with the AttractionsAustin, TX, Backyardconcert
1994-05-21with the AttractionsDallas, TX, Starplexconcert
1994-05-22with the AttractionsWoodland, TX, Pavilionconcert
1994-05-22*Movie"Family III", BBC 1 (E.C. During Credits)TV
1994-05-24with the AttractionsNew Orleans, LA, State Palace Theatreconcert S
1994-05-25with the AttractionsMemphis, TN, Mud Island Amphitheatreconcert
1994-05-27with the AttractionsMinneapolis, MN, Northrup Auditoriumconcert S T
1994-05-28with the AttractionsTinley Park, IL, World Music Theatreconcert S
1994-05-29*Movie"Family IV", BBC 1 (E.C. During Credits)TV
1994-05-30with the AttractionsClarkston, MI, Pine Knob Music Theatreconcert
1994-05-31with the AttractionsCincinatti, OH, Riverbendconcert S
1994-06-02with the AttractionsCuyahoga Falls, OH, Blossom Music Centreconcert S
1994-06-03with the AttractionsToronto/Can., Kingswood Music Theatreconcert
1994-06-05with the AttractionsSaragota Springs, NY, Performing Arts Centreconcert T
1994-06-06with the AttractionsMontreal/Can., The Forumconcert
1994-06-08with the AttractionsNew York City, NY, Central Park Summer Stageconcert S
1994-06-09with the AttractionsPhiladelphia, PA, Mann Music Centreconcert
1994-06-11with the AttractionsWantaugh, NY, Jones Beachconcert K
1994-06-12with the AttractionsMansfield, MA, Great Woods Center For Performing Artsconcert K T
1994-06-15with the AttractionsHolmdel, NJ, Garden State Performing Arts Centreconcert
1994-06-16with the AttractionsUpper Marlboro, MD, Prince George Equestrian Centreconcert
1994-06-18with the AttractionsRaleigh, NC, Walnut Creekconcert
1994-06-19with the AttractionsAtlanta, GA, Chastaine Parkconcert T
1994-06-21with the AttractionsAngouleme/France, Fete De La Musiqueconcert
1994-06-25with the Attractions"Glastonbury Festival"concert
1994-06-27with the AttractionsParis, Olympiaconcert T T
1994-06-28with the AttractionsCologne, E-Werkconcert
1994-06-29with the AttractionsHamburg, Stadtparkconcert
1994-06-30*Interview"Egos And Icons", VH 1/Much Music, Canada (including InterviTV
1994-06-5?as VJ"120 Minutes", MTV USA (12/6/94)TV
1994-07-01with the Attractions"Roskilde Festival"concert
1994-07-05with the AttractionsLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert T
1994-07-06with the AttractionsLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1994-07-07with the AttractionsLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1994-07-12with the AttractionsLiverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert S T
1994-07-13with the AttractionsNewcastle, City Hallconcert
1994-07-14with the AttractionsGlasgow, Barrowland Ballroomconcert
1994-07-16with the Attractions"Gurten Festival", Bern 1994-07-18 w./Attractions Rome, Foro Itconcert
1994-07-19with the AttractionsCorreggio, Festa Dell' Unitaconcert
1994-07-21with the Attractions"Belga Rock Beach Festival", Zeebruggeconcert
1994-07-23with the Attractions"Belga Rock Beach Festival", Scheveningenconcert
1994-07-24with the AttractionsKristiansand, Festivalconcert
1994-07-25with the AttractionsOslo, Sentrumconcert
1994-07-27with the AttractionsStockholm, Circusconcert
1994-07-28with the AttractionsLund, Mejerietconcert
1994-07-31with the Attractions"Feile Festival", Thurles/Irelandconcert
1994-08-?Interview"The New Music", City, TorontoTV
1994-08-12?Show"Fantasy Football League", BBC 2TV
1994-08-13Interview"Proms News", BBC 3-FM, UKradio
1994-08-14Interview"Ziggurat", BRT 1, BelgiumTV
1994-08-16*Interview"The Story Of Pop - Part 31", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1994-08-29Interview"Festival Weekend", MTV-EuropeTV
1994-09-17with the AttractionsSapporo, Factory Hallconcert H
1994-09-19with the AttractionsTokyo, Budokanconcert H
1994-09-20with the AttractionsTokyo, Sun Plaza Hallconcert H
1994-09-22with the AttractionsTokyo, Kosei Nenkin Hallconcert H
1994-09-24with the AttractionsSendai, Izumity Hallconcert H
1994-09-25with the AttractionsNagoya, Kinro Kaikanconcert H
1994-09-26with the AttractionsHiroshima, Kosei Nenkin Hallconcert H
1994-09-29with the AttractionsFukuoka, Shimin Kai Kanconcert H
1994-09-30with the AttractionsOsaka, Festival Hallconcert H
1994-10-28Interview"The Danny Baker Show", BBC, London (29/10/94)TV
1994-10-30with Ross MacManusLondon, Barbicanconcert
1994-11-03with the AttractionsPortsmouth, Guildhallconcert
1994-11-03*Interview"The Big City", Carlton, UKTV
1994-11-04with the AttractionsLondon, Shepherd's Bush Empireconcert T
1994-11-05with the AttractionsNorwich, University Of East Angliaconcert
1994-11-07with the AttractionsNewport, Centreconcert
1994-11-08with the AttractionsPoole Arts Centreconcert
1994-11-09with the AttractionsBrighton, The Domeconcert
1994-11-10*Solo & interview"Simon Mayo Show", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1994-11-11with the AttractionsLondon, Shepherd's Bush Empireconcert
1994-11-12with the AttractionsYork, Barbican Centreconcert
1994-11-13with the AttractionsManchester, Opera Houseconcert
1994-11-15with the AttractionsGlasgow, Virgin Megastoreconcert
1994-11-15with the AttractionsGlasgow, Barrowland Ballroomconcert T
1994-11-16with the Attractions"In Concert", BBC 1-FM, UK (from Glasgow-Show) (26/11/94)radio
1994-11-16with the AttractionsGlasgow, Barrowland Ballroomconcert T
1994-11-18Interview"O-Zone", BBC 2 (from Soundcheck London-Show) (L/13/1/95)TV
1994-11-18with the AttractionsLondon, Shepherd's Bush Empireconcert T
1994-11-21with the AttractionsBristol, Colston Hallconcert
1994-11-21*Interview"Richard Skinner Show", Virgin-FMradio
1994-11-22with the AttractionsWolverhampton, Civic Centreconcert T
1994-11-24with the AttractionsReading, Hexagonconcert
1994-11-25with the AttractionsLondon, Shepherd's Bush Empireconcert
1994-11-25with the Attractions"The Danny Baker Show", BBC (L/26/11/94)TV
1994-11-26Interview"Pop On The Line", BBC World Service-Am, UKradio
1994-11-27with the AttractionsOxford, Apollo Theatreconcert T
1994-11-28with the AttractionsSheffield, City Hallconcert
1994-11-29with the AttractionsLiverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert
1994-12-01with the AttractionsDublin, Point Theatreconcert T
1994-12-24*Interview"VH 1 To 1", VH 1 (UK)TV