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Gigography: All Appearances 1985-1989

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1985-02-18*Interview"Off The Record", ???-FMradio
1985-03-09with the AttractionsLondon, University, Logan Hall ("Miners Benefit")concert
1985-03-17SoloLondon, Clarendon Hotel Ballroomconcert
1985-03-30*Interview"B.P.Fallon Show", RTE 2-FM, Irelandradio
1985-03-31with John HiattLondon, Duke Of York Theatre (At John Hiatt-Show)concert
1985-04-25SoloLondon, Choka-Doobie Club At Portland (As "The Pope Of Pop")concert
1985-05-14with Los LobosLondon, Electric Ballroom (At Los Lobos-Show)concert
1985-05-15Interview & Elvis as DJ"The Evening Show With Janice Long", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1985-05-17*Interview"Wogan", BBCTV
1985-05-18with Ricky SkaggsLondon, Dominion Theatre (At Ricky Skaggs-Show)concert
1985-05-18with Ricky SkaggsTROS-FM, Holland (from London-Show) (?/?/87) Or 19radio
1985-05-19with Ricky Skaggs"Late Night In Concert", BBC (from London-Show) (L/1/10/85)TV
1985-05-19with Ricky SkaggsLondon, Dominion Theatre (At Ricky Skaggs Show)concert
1985-06-18with T-Bone BurnettPerth, Concert Hallconcert
1985-06-20with T-Bone BurnettSydney, Opera Houseconcert
1985-06-22with T-Bone BurnettSydney, Opera Houseconcert
1985-06-24with T-Bone BurnettMelbourne, Concert Hallconcert S T T
1985-06-25with T-Bone BurnettMelbourne, Concert Hallconcert S
1985-06-25fmPhone Interview???-FM, Melbourneradio
1985-06-27with T-Bone BurnettAuckland/Nz., His Majesty's Theatreconcert
1985-06-28with T-Bone BurnettChristchurch/NZ, ???concert
1985-07-01with T-Bone BurnettTokyo, Sun Plaza Hallconcert
1985-07-02with T-Bone BurnettTokyo, Sun Plaza Hallconcert
1985-07-06with T-Bone BurnettDublin, Stadium (As "The Coward Brothers" At T-Bone Burnett-Sconcert
1985-07-07with T-Bone BurnettCapital-FM, London, UK (from London T-Bone Burnett Show)radio
1985-07-07with T-Bone BurnettLondon, Duke Of York Theatre (As "The Coward Brothers" At T-Bconcert
1985-07-13Solo"Live Aid", (from London-Show) (L)TV
1985-07-13Solo"Live Aid", (from London-Show/Aired In The Whole World)radio
1985-07-13SoloLondon, Wembley Stadium ("Live Aid")concert
1985-08-07with PoguesBrixton, The Fridge ("Nicaragua Must Survive")concert
1985-10-12*Interview & with Ross MacManus"Saturday Review", BBC 2 (L)TV
1985-11-06with PoguesMalmø, Kulturbogalet (Ec On Lead & Backing Vocals At Poconcert
1985-12-16with PoguesEdinburgh, Playhouse (E.C. Joins The Pogues On 1 Song)concert

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1986-01-23Interview"Newsbeat", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1986-01-24Solo"Wogan", BBC 1 (L)TV
1986-01-31SoloNewcastle, Riverside Clubconcert
1986-01-31*Solo & interview"The Tube", Channel 4 (P)TV
1986-02-10Interview"Line 1", New York City, NYradio
1986-02-11Interview"K-Rock", WXRK-FM New York City, NYradio
1986-02-11InterviewWLIR-FM, Long Island, NYradio
1986-02-11Solo & interviewWNEW-FM, New York City, NYradio
1986-02-17Interview"The Evening Show With Janice Long", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1986-02-18Interview"The Evening Show With David Jensen", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1986-02-19Interview"Gary Crowley's Red Hot Club", Capitol Radio-FM, UKradio
1986-02-22with Confederates"Saturday Review", BBC 2 (L)TV
1986-02-27*Interview"Rockdepartementet", P3-FM, Sweden (Recorded In London)radio
1986-03-?As Actor"No Surrender"-MovieTV
1986-03-13*Interview"Music Box Profile", UKTV
1986-03-14?Interview"The Tube", Channel 4TV
1986-03-18?Interview"Film Night", ??TV
1986-03-23?Interview"Rock Chronicles", ???-FMradio
1986-04-27SoloPlymouth, Theatre Royal ("Broadreach" Benefit)concert
1986-04-5?Interview"Off The Record", ???-FMradio
1986-05-09Interview"Breakfast Show", BBC 1-FM (from Montreux)radio
1986-05-10InterviewMTV-Europe, J.Jackson Interviews E.C. At Montreux (17/5/86)TV
1986-05-10with the Attractions"Montreux Jazz Festival", BBC (from Montreux-Show) (L/23/8/86)TV
1986-05-10with the AttractionsMontreux, "Golden Rose Rock Festival"concert
1986-05-17with the Attractions"Self Aid" (from Dublin-Show), UK (L)TV
1986-05-17with the AttractionsDublin, Red Showground ("Self Aid"-Show)concert
1986-05-17with the AttractionsRTE 1-FM, Ireland (from Dublin-Show)radio
1986-05-27with the Attractions"Old Grey Whistle Test", BBC (P)TV
1986-06-?with the Attractions"Club Paradise"-Movie, w./J.CliffTV
1986-06-06with Chet BakerLondon, Ronnie Scott's Clubconcert
1986-06-06with Chet BakerLondon, Ronnie Scott's Club (L/Official Video)TV
1986-06-09Interview"Breakfast Show", ???-FMradio
1986-06-28Solo"Artists Against Apartheid", BBC (from London-Show) (L)TV
1986-06-28SoloLondon, Hyde Parkconcert
1986-07-04with the Attractions"Roskilde Festival"concert
1986-07-05with the Attractions"Torhout Festival", Belguimconcert
1986-07-05with the Attractions"Torhout Festiva", Belgium (L)TV
1986-07-06with the AttractionsKRO-FM,Holland (from "Werchter Festival"-Show)radio
1986-07-06with the Attractions"Werchter Festival", Belgium (w./Robert Cray)concert
1986-07-06with the Attractions"Werchter Festival", Belgium (L)TV
1986-07-12SoloChicago, IL, Holstein's (2 Songs At Pogues Aftershow Party)concert
1986-07-12with Pogues & Tom WaitsChicago, IL, Vic Theatre (1 Song At Pogues-Show)concert
1986-08-05*with the Attractions"So It Goes", UKTV
1986-08-06Interview"Good Morning America", USTV
1986-08-13Interview"TV-AM", UKTV
1986-08-8?Interview"Nightwatch", USTV
1986-09-?As Actor"Straight To Hell"-MovieTV
1986-09-12Interview"Singles Out", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1986-09-20as VJ"MTV-Special", MTV-USA (4/11/1986)TV
1986-10-01with the AttractionsLos Angeles, CA, Beverly Theatreconcert T
1986-10-02with ConfederatesLos Angeles, CA, Beverly Theatre w./D. Hidalgo & T-Bone Burneconcert
1986-10-03with ConfederatesLos Angeles, CA, Beverly Theatre w./D. Hidalgo & T-Bone Burneconcert
1986-10-04with the AttractionsLos Angeles, CA, Beverly Theatre w./Bangles, J.Doe & T.Waitsconcert T
1986-10-05with the AttractionsLos Angeles, CA, Beverly Theatre w./Tom Pettyconcert
1986-10-08with the AttractionsSan Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatreconcert T
1986-10-09with the AttractionsSan Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatre w./Huey Lewisconcert T
1986-10-10with ConfederatesSan Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatreconcert T
1986-10-10?InterviewKFOG-FM, San Francisco, CAradio
1986-10-12with ConfederatesChicago, IL, Riviera Theatreconcert
1986-10-13with the AttractionsChicago, IL, Riviera Theatreconcert
1986-10-14with the AttractionsChicago, IL, Riviera Theatreconcert
1986-10-16with the AttractionsBoston, MA, Orpheum Theatreconcert
1986-10-17with ConfederatesBoston, MA, Orpheum Theatreconcert
1986-10-18with the AttractionsBoston, MA, Orpheum Theatreconcert
1986-10-21with the AttractionsNew York City, NY, Broadway Theatreconcert
1986-10-22with ConfederatesNew York City, NY, Broadway Theatre w./T-Bone Burnettconcert
1986-10-23with ConfederatesNew York City, NY, Broadway Theatreconcert
1986-10-24with the AttractionsNew York City, NY, Broadway Theatre w./Buster Poindexterconcert
1986-10-25with the AttractionsNew York City, NY, Broadway Theatreconcert
1986-10-27with ConfederatesPhiladelphia, PA, Tower Theatreconcert P
1986-10-28with the AttractionsPhiladelphia, PA, Tower Theatreconcert
1986-10-29with the AttractionsPhiladelphia, PA, Tower Theatreconcert
1986-11-??Interview & with the AttractionsRAI-FM, Italy (from Rome Show) (?)radio
1986-11-03with the AttractionsStockholm, Konserthusetconcert
1986-11-04SoloStockholm, Konserthusetconcert
1986-11-04with Fabulous ThunderbirdsStockholm, Restaurang Karlssons (1 Song At F.B.-Show)concert
1986-11-05with the AttractionsStockholm, Konserthuset w./Jackson Browneconcert
1986-11-08with the AttractionsParis, Olympiaconcert
1986-11-09with the AttractionsParis, Olympiaconcert T
1986-11-10Solo & with Steve NieveParis, Folies Bergeresconcert
1986-11-11with the AttractionsUtrecht, Vreedenburgconcert
1986-11-13with the AttractionsUtrecht, Vreedenburgconcert
1986-11-15with the AttractionsMilano, Teatro Cristalloconcert
1986-11-16SoloRAI 2, Italy (L)TV
1986-11-16SoloMilano, Teatro Cristalloconcert
1986-11-17with the AttractionsMilano, Teatro Cristalloconcert
1986-11-18?SoloRAI, Italy (L)TV
1986-11-19with the AttractionsRome, Teatro Tenda Pianetaconcert
1986-11-20with the AttractionsRome, Teatro Olimpicoconcert
1986-11-21SoloRome, Teatro Olimpicoconcert
1986-11-23with the AttractionsLondon, Royalty Theatreconcert P T
1986-11-23bbcwith the AttractionsBBC 1-FM, UK (from London-Show)radio
1986-11-24Solo & with Cait O'RiordanLondon, Royalty Theatreconcert
1986-11-25with Attractions & Nick LoweLondon, Royalty Theatreconcert
1986-11-27with the AttractionsLondon, Royalty Theatreconcert
1986-11-28SoloLondon, Royalty Theatreconcert
1986-11-29with Attractions & Nick LoweLondon, Royalty Theatreconcert
1986-12-01with the AttractionsDublin, Olympiaconcert
1986-12-02Solo & with Cait O'RiordanDublin, Olympiaconcert
1986-12-03with the AttractionsDublin, Olympiaconcert
1986-12-05with the AttractionsEdinburgh, Playhouseconcert
1986-12-06with the AttractionsEdinburgh, Playhouseconcert
1986-12-08with the AttractionsLiverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert T
1986-12-09with the AttractionsLiverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert

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1987-01-01Interview"B.P. Fallon Orchestra", RTE 2-FM, Irelandradio
1987-01-22with the AttractionsLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert T
1987-01-23with the AttractionsLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert R T
1987-01-24with the AttractionsLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1987-01-26with ConfederatesLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1987-01-27with ConfederatesLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1987-01-28with ConfederatesLondon, Royal Albert Hall w./Van Morrison & T-Bone Burnettconcert R
1987-01-30with ConfederatesManchester, Apollo Theatreconcert T
1987-01-31with ConfederatesNewcastle, City Hallconcert
1987-01-31*Interview"B.P. Fallon Orchestra", RTE 2-FM, Irelandradio
1987-02-01with ConfederatesEdinburgh, Playhouseconcert
1987-02-03with ConfederatesCardiff, St.Davids Hallconcert
1987-02-04with ConfederatesBristol, Colston Hallconcert
1987-02-05with ConfederatesBrighton, The Domeconcert
1987-02-07with ConfederatesDublin, Nationalconcert
1987-02-08*Interview & Elvis as DJ"B.P. Fallon Orchestra", RTE 2-FM, Irelandradio
1987-02-21*Interview"Review", ??TV
1987-03-29SoloLondon, Waterman's Club Brentfordconcert
1987-04-15Solo & with Nick LoweDavis, CA, University Of Californiaconcert
1987-04-16Solo & with Nick LoweSan Jose, CA, State Universityconcert
1987-04-17Solo & with Nick LoweIrvine, CA, University Of California w.B.Tenchconcert
1987-04-18Solo & with Nick LoweSan Diego, CA, State Universityconcert
1987-04-20Solo & with Nick LoweAtlanta, GA, Civic Centerconcert T
1987-04-21Solo & with Nick LoweDurham, NC, Duke University (Cameron Gym)concert
1987-04-23Solo & with Nick LoweNew Brunswick/Piscataway, NJ, Rutgers Universityconcert S
1987-04-24Solo & with Nick LoweOswego, NY, State University Of New Yorkconcert
1987-04-25SoloProvidence, RI, Brown University (Meehan Auditorium)concert
1987-04-26Solo & with Nick LowePhiladelphia, PA, University Of Pennsylvania (Skating Rink)concert
1987-04-28Solo & with Nick LoweWashington, DC, George Washington University, Smith Centerconcert
1987-04-30Solo & with Nick LoweEaston, PA, Lafayette Universityconcert
1987-05-01Solo & with Nick LoweCambridge, MA, Harvard University (Bright Hockey Arena)concert
1987-05-02Solo & with Nick LoweIthaca, NY, Cornell Universityconcert
1987-05-24Solo & interview"B.P. Fallon Orchestra", RTE 2-FM, Irelandradio
1987-06-20with the Attractions"Glastonbury Festival" w./David Hidalgoconcert
1987-06-21with Los LobosDublin, Olympia Theatre (At Los Lobos Concert)concert
1987-09-30with Various Artists"A Black And White Night" (from Los Angeles-Show) (L) (Official Vid.)TV
1987-09-30with Various ArtistsLos Angeles, CA, Ambassador Hotel "Roy Orbison Tribute-Show"concert V
1987-10-11with Harry Dean StantonMill Valley, CA, Sweetwater (Harry Dean Stanton Debut Concert)concert
1987-10-31with Irish musicians"The Session", RTE 1 Dublin (L/7/11/87)TV
1987-11-05Solo & with ConfederatesAtlanta, GA, Fox Theatreconcert
1987-11-07Solo & with ConfederatesNashville, TN, Vanderbilt Universityconcert
1987-11-09Solo & with ConfederatesTulsa, OK, Cain's Ballroomconcert
1987-11-10Solo & with ConfederatesAustin, TX, Opera Houseconcert
1987-11-12Solo & with ConfederatesNew Orleans, Municipal Auditoriumconcert G
1987-11-16Solo & with ConfederatesTokyo, Sun Plaza Hallconcert
1987-11-17with ConfederatesTokyo, Sun Plaza Hall w./Nick Loweconcert
1987-11-18with ConfederatesTokyo, Sun Plaza Hallconcert
1987-11-20with ConfederatesSapporo, Kosienenkin Hallconcert
1987-11-21with ConfederatesTokyo, Kosei Nenkin Hall w./Nick Loweconcert
1987-11-21tvgwith Confederates"Golden Live Stage", ???-FM, Japan (from Tokyo-Show) (3/1radio
1987-11-21tvswith Confederates"Super Live", CX Japan (from Tokyo-Show) (L/29/1/88)TV P
1987-11-23Solo & with ConfederatesKyoto, Kyoto Kaikanconcert
1987-11-24Solo & with ConfederatesOsaka, Sankei Hallconcert
1987-11-25with ConfederatesNagoya, Aichi Kinro Kaikan Hallconcert
1987-11-27with ConfederatesFukuoka, Sun Plaza Hallconcert
1987-12-01with ConfederatesMelbourne, Palais Theatreconcert
1987-12-03with ConfederatesSydney, Entertainment Centreconcert
1987-12-03with Nick LoweSydney, Cafe Cardobah (At Nick Lowe-Show)concert
1987-12-04with ConfederatesWollongong, Shellharbour Leagues Clubconcert
1987-12-05with ConfederatesBrisbane, Festival Hallconcert
1987-12-06with Confederates???concert
1987-12-07with ConfederatesNewcastle, Civic Theatre???concert
1987-12-08with ConfederatesMelbourne, Festival Hallconcert R S T T
1987-12-09with ConfederatesMelbourne, Palais Theatre (?)concert
1987-12-10with ConfederatesMelbourne, Palaceconcert
1987-12-11with Confederates???concert
1987-12-12with ConfederatesAdelaide, Thebarton Theatreconcert
1987-12-13with ConfederatesAdelaide, Thebarton Theatreconcert
1987-12-14with Confederates???concert
1987-12-15with ConfederatesPerth, Entertainment Centreconcert
1987-12-3?Interview2JJJ-FM, Sydneyradio

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1988-02-20with Chrissie Hynde"AIMS Gala", ITV (from London-Show) (L/5/2/89)TV
1988-02-20with Chrissie Hynde"AIMS Gala", BBC 1-FM, UK (from London Show)radio
1988-02-20with Chrissie Hynde"AIMS Gala", London, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1988-02-21*Interview"Review", BBC 2 (Elvis Talking With The Hothouse Flowers)TV
1988-02-21?Interview"Review", ???-FMradio
1988-04-28Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Isleburg, Clickimin Centre (4 songs)concert
1988-04-28Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Isleburg, Community Centre (1 song)concert
1988-04-28Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Whiteness, Country Clubconcert R
1988-04-29Solo & with Nick Lowe"Shetland Folk Festival", Lerwick, Garrison Theatreconcert P
1988-04-30Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Frazer Peterson Centreconcert
1988-05-01Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Lerwick, Clickimin Centre (3rd show)concert
1988-05-01Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Lerwick, Festival Club (5th show)concert
1988-05-01Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Lerwick, Garrison Theatre (1st show)concert
1988-05-01Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Lerwick, Lerwick Hotel (2nd show)concert
1988-05-01Solo"Shetland Folk Festival", Lerwick, Shetland Hotel (4th show)concert
1988-05-04SoloAberdeen, Music Hall "National Union Of Seamen Benefit Show"concert
1988-05-18with Christie MooreDublin, National Stadiumconcert
1988-10-30with Steve Nieve"TFI Friday", Channel 4, Riverside Studios, London (L)TV
1988-12-17InterviewWDRE-FM, New York City, NY, Phone Interviewradio

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1989-01-????"The Noise", Australia (?/?/3/89)TV
1989-01-?Interview3RRR-FM, Melbourneradio
1989-01-13Interview2JJJ-FM, Sydneyradio
1989-02-?*InterviewKFOG-FM, San Francisco, CAradio
1989-02-03Interview"Singled Out", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1989-02-04Interview"Saturday Sequence", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1989-02-05with Nick LoweLondon, Tower Recordsconcert
1989-02-05Interview"The Beat Box", RTE 2-FM, Ireland (Simulcast RTE 1)radio
1989-02-05Interview"The Beat Box", RTE2 DublinTV
1989-02-06Solo & interview"International D.O.C. Club", RAI 2 (Different Version)TV
1989-02-06Solo & interview"International D.O.C. Club", RAI 2TV
1989-02-06Interview"Notterock Speciali", RAI 1 Italy (28/4/89) (Different Version)TV
1989-02-06Interview"Notterock Speciali", RAI 1 Italy (16/2/89)TV
1989-02-07Interview"Videomusic Speciali", Italian (4/3/89)TV
1989-02-11InterviewStockholm Radio-FM, Swedenradio
1989-02-11Solo & with house band"Stina Med Sven", Stockholm, TV-Huset (L)TV
1989-02-11?Interview"Powerplay", Radio FFN, Germany (31/3/89)radio
1989-02-13Solo"Kippevel", VARA, Holland (L/2/3/89)TV
1989-02-13Solo & interview"Kippevel", ???-FM, Holland (2/3/89)radio
1989-02-14*as DJKRO-FM, Hollandradio
1989-02-15*Interview"Rockshock", Tele 5, MunichTV
1989-02-16?Interview"Off The Record", ???-FMradio
1989-02-20InterviewKFOG-FM, San Francisco, CAradio
1989-02-20InterviewLive 105/FM-105-FM, San Francisco, CAradio
1989-02-20*Solo & interview"Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Spike", BBC 1TV
1989-02-21InterviewKMPC/KEDG-FM, Los Angeles, CAradio
1989-02-21InterviewKROQ-FM, Los Angeles, CAradio
1989-02-21*Interview"Kaleidoscope", BBC 4-FM, UKradio
1989-02-24Solo & interviewWXRT-FM, Chicago (IL)radio
1989-02-25*Solo"Lunettes Noires Pour Nuits Blanches", A2, France (L) (E.C. InteTV
1989-02-28Solo & interview"Fresh Air", WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, PAradio
1989-02-28Solo & interviewWMMR-FM, Philadelphia, PAradio
1989-03-01Solo & interview"Mixed Bag", WNEW-FM, New York City, NYradio
1989-03-01Solo & interviewWNEW-FM, New York City, NYradio
1989-03-01InterviewWBRU-FM, New York City, NYradio
1989-03-02InterviewWDRE-FM, Garden City, NYradio
1989-03-03*Interview"The Journal Friday Night", CBS-CanadaTV
1989-03-03tvSolo"Late Night With David Letterman", CBS, NYC, liveTV S
1989-03-07InterviewKBFH-FM, Boston, MAradio
1989-03-07InterviewWBCN-FM Boston, MAradio
1989-03-07Solo & interviewWFNX-FM Boston, MAradio
1989-03-07with Roger McGuinnBoston, MA, Nightstage, & Aimee Mannconcert
1989-03-10with Christie Moore"Irma Awards", RTE 1 (L)TV
1989-03-11Solo & interviewWDRE-FM, Long Island, NYradio
1989-03-14Solo"Richard Skinner Show", BBC 1-FM, UK (15/3/89)radio
1989-03-20*Interview"The Week In Rock", MTV-USTV
1989-03-25with house band"Saturday Night Live", NBC NYC, liveTV P S
1989-03-27?Interview"Off The Record"radio
1989-03-31SoloBoston, MA, Conte Forumconcert
1989-03-31Solo & interview"Dave Herman Morning Show", WNEW-FM New York City, NYradio
1989-03-5?Interview"Big World Cafe", Channel 4TV
1989-04-?Interview"Off The Wall", BBCTV
1989-04-01Solo & with Nick LoweKingston, RI, University Of Rhode Islandconcert
1989-04-02SoloUniversity Park, PA, Penn State Universityconcert
1989-04-04SoloWashington, DC, Georgetown Universityconcert
1989-04-05SoloPittsburgh, PA, Aj Palumbo Centerconcert T
1989-04-07SoloAlbany, NY, Palace Theatreconcert
1989-04-08SoloWaterville, ME, Colby Collegeconcert
1989-04-11SoloGreenvale, NY, CW Post Collegeconcert
1989-04-13SoloWaltham, MA, Brandeis Universityconcert
1989-04-14SoloBurlington (VT), University Of Vermontconcert
1989-04-14?Interview"The New Music", City, TorontoTV
1989-04-15SoloDurham (NH), University Of New Hampshireconcert
1989-04-17SoloAthens, OH, Ohio Universityconcert
1989-04-18SoloColumbus, OH, Ohio State Universityconcert
1989-04-20SoloEast Lansing, MI, Michigan State Universityconcert
1989-04-20?Interview"Metropolis", ItalianTV
1989-04-21Solo & with Nick LoweAnn Arbor, MI, University Of Michiganconcert
1989-04-22SoloEvanston, IL, Mcgaw Hallconcert
1989-04-23Solo & with Nick LoweSan Francisco, CA, Slim'sconcert
1989-04-24with Various ArtistsMill Valley, CA, Sweetwater ("21th Anniversary Of Village Musconcert
1989-04-26Solo & with Nick LoweBurbank, CA, Warner Brothers Headquarterconcert
1989-05-07Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Palladiumconcert T
1989-05-10Solo & with Nick LoweLiverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert
1989-05-11Solo & with Nick LoweLiverpool, Royal Court Theatreconcert
1989-05-12Solo & with Nick LoweManchester, Apollo Theatreconcert
1989-05-13with Johnny Cash & Nick LoweLondon, Royal Albert Hall (At J.Cash-Show)concert
1989-05-13with Johnny Cash"The late show", BBC, (from London-Show) (L/7/6/89)TV
1989-05-14Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Palladiumconcert
1989-05-15Solo"Zomerrock", Dutch (from Pinkpop-Show) (L/11/6/89)TV
1989-05-15Solo"Pinkpop Festival", Landgraaf/Hollandconcert
1989-05-16Solo & with Nick LoweBelfast, Grand Opera Houseconcert
1989-05-17Solo & with Nick LoweBelfast, Grand Opera Houseconcert
1989-05-19Solo & with Nick LoweDublin, National Stadiumconcert
1989-05-20Solo & with Nick LoweDublin, National Stadiumconcert
1989-05-21Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Palladiumconcert
1989-05-21?Interview"May Review", Radio Ulster-FM, Irelandradio
1989-05-24Solo & with Nick LoweNewcastle, City Hallconcert
1989-05-25Solo & with Nick LoweEdinburgh, Playhouseconcert
1989-05-26Solo & with Nick LoweGlasgow, Pavillionconcert
1989-05-28Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Palladiumconcert
1989-05-29?Interview"Rock Today", ???-FMradio
1989-05-31Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1989-06-01Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert T
1989-06-02Solo & with Nick LoweLondon, Royal Albert Hallconcert
1989-06-08Solo & with Nick LoweCardiff, St.Davids Hallconcert
1989-06-09Solo & with Nick LoweBristol, Colston Hallconcert
1989-06-11SoloStockholm, Konserthusetconcert
1989-06-17Solo"Glastonbury Festival" w/ Nick Lowe, Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrookconcert
1989-06-18SoloTurin, Teatro Colosseoconcert
1989-06-21SoloRome, Teatro Tendastricieconcert
1989-06-23SoloAmsterdam, Carre'concert
1989-06-25Solo"Le Ballon Festival", Belfortconcert
1989-06-28Solo"Monza Rock Festival", Italyconcert
1989-06-30Solo"Roskilde Festival", w/ Nick Lowe, Pete Thomas & Glenn Tilbrookconcert
1989-07-01Solo (from Torhout-Show) (L)TV
1989-07-01Solo"Torhout Festival", Belgiumconcert
1989-07-02Interview"Rapido", BBC 2 (19/7/1989)TV
1989-07-02Solo"Werchter Festival", Belgiumconcert
1989-07-11Solo"Montreux Jazz Festival" w. Nick Lowe, Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrookconcert
1989-07-11Solo???-FM (from Montreux-Show)radio
1989-07-11with Various Artists"Jazz From Montreux", BBC 1 (L/15/8/90) w. Nick Lowe, Pete ThomasTV
1989-07-16SoloFukuoka, Sun Plazaconcert H
1989-07-17SoloOsaka, Koseinenkin Hallconcert H
1989-07-18SoloSapporo, Shimin Kaikanconcert H
1989-07-20SoloTokyo, Kudan Kaikanconcert H
1989-07-22SoloTokyo, Hibiya Kokaidoconcert H
1989-07-23SoloTokyo, Hibiya Kokaidoconcert H
1989-07-24SoloNagoya, Kinro Kaikanconcert H
1989-07-26SoloTokyo, Nihon Seinenkanconcert H
1989-07-4?Interview & Elvis as DJ"The Andy Kershaw Evening Show", BBC 1-FM, UKradio
1989-08-08with Rude 5Clarkston, MI, Pine Knob Music Theatreconcert
1989-08-09with Rude 5Chicago, IL, Poplar Creekconcert
1989-08-11with Rude 5Cleveland, OH, Nautica Stageconcert
1989-08-12with Rude 5Pittsburgh, PA, A.J.Palumbo Centerconcert
1989-08-14with Rude 5Saragota Springs, NY, Performing Arts Centerconcert T
1989-08-15with Rude 5Bristol, CT, Lake Combounce Festival Parkconcert
1989-08-15?with Rude 5"MTV News", MTV-USA (P/28/8/89) (Elvis Shows Self-Made Non-CommerciTV
1989-08-16with Rude 5Manchester, NH, Veterans Memorial Parkconcert
1989-08-18with Rude 5Mansfield, MA, Great Woods Amphitheatreconcert
1989-08-19with Rude 5Philadelphia, PA, Mann Music Centerconcert T
1989-08-20with Rude 5Columbia, MD, Merriweather Post Pavilionconcert
1989-08-23with Rude 5East Wantagh, NY, Jones Beachconcert S
1989-08-24with Rude 5East Wantagh, NY, Jones Beachconcert
1989-08-25with Rude 5Stanhope, NJ, Waterloo Villageconcert
1989-08-27with Rude 5New York City, NY, Palladiumconcert P T
1989-08-28?Interview"News At Night", MTV-USTV
1989-08-29with Rude 5Holmdel, NJ, Garden State Arts Centerconcert
1989-08-31with Rude 5Atlanta, GA, Fox Theatreconcert
1989-09-03with Rude 5East Troy, MI, Alpine Valley Music Theatreconcert
1989-09-06Award Show"MTV Music Video Awards", Los Angeles (For "Veronica")TV
1989-09-06with Rude 5Denver, CO, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatreconcert
1989-09-08with Rude 5San Diego, CA, Sdsu Open Air Theatreconcert
1989-09-09with Rude 5Irvine Meadows, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert T
1989-09-10with Rude 5Santa Barbara, CA, County Bowlconcert
1989-09-12with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert K
1989-09-13with Rude 5Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheatreconcert
1989-09-15with Rude 5Berkeley, CA, Greek Theatreconcert T
1989-09-16with Rude 5Concord, CA, The Pavilion w./Nick Loweconcert
1989-09-21?Interview"Showbiz Today", CNNTV
1989-09-8?Interview91X-FM, San Diego, CAradio
1989-10-25*Solo & interview"Mavis Catches Up With", BBC (L)TV
1989-12-10SoloDublin, Olympia Stadium "Children's Hospital Benefit"concert