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 Extracurricular Work

 Unreleased Songs
 Songs Written for Other Artists
 EC as Producer
 Other EC Appearances
 Official Videos, Laser Discs & DVDs
 Bootleg Videos


All You Thought Of Was Betrayal (performed live: Miners' Benefit at Logan Hall, 9-Mar-85. This turned into "Tramp The Dirt Down") Are You Afraid Of Your Children (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Baby Pictures (performed live: RAH, London, 24 & 27-Dec-82) Bright Blue Moods (Aired on Irish radio, late March '98.Written for a British TV movie. The rest of the movie score will also be co-written by EC. Catch In On The Upbeat (this was one of the songs in a notebook auctioned by Sothebys in 1999) Daybreaks (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Dull Echoes (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Edge Of Ugly (short orchestral piece written for the London Philharmonic). For Miles I See (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Goodbye Florence (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Having It All (written for Patsy Kensit, performed live: Carre, Amsterdam, 25-Nov-84) Idle Hands (became "Temptation". First performed live in March '79) Image Of Me (performed live: Apollo, Oxford, 4-Oct-84) (The) King Of The Unknown Sea (music by Michael Thomas, words by EC. Performed live with the Brodsky Quartet on the '93 Juliet Letters tour) (The) Last Time You Were Leaving Me (performed live on '86 US tour) Lesson In Cruelty (written by EC & Steve Nieve, and performed live at Meltdown, Jun-95) Lifeboat (performed live at Hammersmith Odeon, 22-Dec-83. Parts of the lyrics were used in "Worthless Thing") Malicious Observer (performed (not by EC) live at Meltdown Jun-95) Man Being Devoured By His Destiny (solo tour piano nonsense, first performed at Carre, Amsterdam, 25-Nov-84) Morning Changes (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) No Reason To Quit (performed live: London University, 9-Mar-85) Our Wedding Day (performed live: Opera House,Sydney, 22-Jun-85) Riff, Riff, Riff (performed live: Fairgrounds, Allentown, PA, 3-Aug-83) (The) Show Must Go On (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Sleeper At The Wheel (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Sunflower Lancers (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Sweet Convincer (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) This Subdues My Passion (lyrics written for The Mingus Big Band. First performed at the Free Jazz Festival, Brazil in 1997) | Three Distracted Women (written for Anne Sophie von Otter, and due to be | released by her on an album that EC will produce) Town Where Time Stood Still (performed live: International Stadium, Gateshead, UK, 29-Aug-81) Two Days Rain (written while EC was in Rusty (72/73)) Warm House (written before RC joined Rusty & performed live by them: The Lamplight, Wallasey, 21-Jan-72) We Don't Even Try Anymore (performed live: Miners' Benefit at Logan Hall, London, 9-Mar-85. Co-written with John Doe of X) World's Greatest Optimist (Co-written with Aimee Mann and performed by her at some of her 1993 concert dates)


(See the end of this section for details of a CD collection of some of these tracks, issued by Rhino and called _Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, Detours & Rendevous_). Abandoned Masquerade (music -for Diana Krall (on The Girl In The Other Krall& lyrics Costello) Room [2004; CD]) All This Useless Beauty -for June Tabor (on ANGEL TIGER [91; CD; Cooking Vinyl COOKCD 049] & ESSENTIAL FOLK (various artists) [95; CD; Nectar NTRCD030]) Almost Blue -for Chet baker [12"; Novus PT 49371 (promo)] Also on CHET BAKER SINGS AND PLAYS FROM THE FILM "LET'S GET LOST" [89; CAS/CD; RCA-BMG PK 83054 (Germany)]. The version played in the film is not identical to that on record/CD Almost Ideal Eyes -for David Crosby (not recorded) Back On My Feet (EC/McCartney) -for Paul McCartney (on ONCE UPON A LONG AGO [87; 12"/CD5; Parlophone 202188-6/CDR 6170 (UK)] and included on the remastered CD version of FLOWERS IN THE DIRT [93; CD; Parlophone/EMI 0777 7 89138 2 5]) Basement Kiss (EC/O'Riordan) -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) (The) Comedians -for Roy Orbison. Note: these lyrics are different to EC's version on _Goodbye Cruel World_. (On MYSTERY GIRL [89; CD/LP; Virgin CDV 2576] & A BLACK AND WHITE NIGHT [89; CD; Virgin CDV 2601]). Complicated Shadows -for Johnny Cash (not recorded). | Couldn't You Keep That To -for Ute Lemper (on PUNISHING KISS [2000-04-04; CD]) Yourself (The) Deportees Club -for Christy Moore (on VOYAGE [89; CD/CAS; WEA 2292-46156-2/WEA-Atlantic 82034-4 (US)]) Departure Bay (music Krall, -for Diana Krall (on The Girl In The Other lyrics Krall/Costello) Room [2004; CD]) Dirty Rotten Shame -for Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners (on DIRTY ROTTEN SHAME [95; CD; Sony 4814132], also issued as CD single) Don't Be Careless Love (EC/ -for Paul McCartney (on FLOWERS IN THE DIRT McCartney) [89; LP/CD; Parlophone PCSD 106] EC on keys & harmonies) Do You Know What I'm Saying? -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) Earthbound (EC/O'Riordan) -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) Fake Tin Star (Krall/Costello) -for Diana Krall (on NARROW DAYLIGHT [2004-05-__; CD5; Verve 9866818 (UK)]) Fill In The Blanks -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) (The) Girl In The Other Room -for Diana Krall (on The Girl In The Other (music & lyrics Krall/Costello) Room [2004; CD]) Girls Talk -for Dave Edmunds (on REPEAT WHEN NECESSARY [LP; Swan Song SSK 59409], [CD; Swan Song 8507-2] and a-side of single [7"; Swan Song SSK 19418]) Having It All -for Patsy Kensit to perform in the ill- fated film ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Hidden Shame -for Johnny Cash (on BOOM CHICKA BOOM [90; CD; Mercury 842 725-2], [90; LP; Mercury 8421551]) I Want To Stand Forever -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) I Want To Vanish -for June Tabor (on AGAINST THE STREAM [94; CD; Cooking Vinyl COOK CD 071]) I Wonder How She Knows (EC/ -for Charles Brown (on SOMEONE TO LOVE [92; Brown) CD/CAS; Bullseye Blues NETCD/CBB 9514] Also available as a German release on Munich Records) I'm Coming Through (music -for Diana Krall (on The Girl In The Other Krall, lyrics Krall/Costello) Room [2004; CD]) I'm Having It All -for Patsy Kensit (not released) I've Changed My Address (music -for Diana Krall (on The Girl In The Other Krall, lyrics Krall/Costello) Room [2004; CD]) Indigo Moon (EC/McCartney) -yet to be released [87] Indoor Fireworks -for Nick Lowe (on THE ROSE OF ENGLAND [85; CD; F-Beat ZL70765/Demon FIENDCD 73]) It's Not Too Late (EC/ -for T-Bone Burnett (on THE CRIMINAL UNDER T-Bone Burnett/Bob Neuwirth) MY OWN HAT [92; CD/CAS; Columbia 467978 2/4]) London's Brilliant (EC/ -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR O'Riordan) YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) Losing You (Just A Memory) -for Dusty Springfield (this is the song "Just A Memory" with an extra verse or so written especially for Dusty) (on WHITE HEAT [83; LP; Casablanca]) (The) Lovers That Never Were -for Paul McCartney (on OFF THE GROUND [93; (EC/McCartney) CD; Parlophone CDPCSD 125] & OFF THE GROUND -THE COMPLETE WORKS [93; 2xCD; Parlophone CDEQ 5010]. A demo of this song exists with EC singing the choruses.) Maureen & Sam (EC/Mayes) -for Allan Mayes (on STUMBLIN' IN THE AISLE [86; LP; U.S. STC 86-2-1001]) (The) Miranda Syndrome (EC/ -for Ruben Blades (on NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Ruben Blades) [88; CD/LP/CAS; Elektra 960 754-2/1/4], EC plays acoustic guitar) Miss Mary (EC/Zucchero) -for Zucchero 'Sugar' Fornaciari's (on MISERERE [92; CD/MC; Polydor 513 682-2/4 (US), London 517 097-2/4 (France)]. EC is possibly part of the backing choir.) Mistress And Maid (EC/ -for Paul McCartney (on OFF THE GROUND [93; McCartney) CD; Parlophone CDPCSD 125] & OFF THE GROUND -THE COMPLETE WORKS [93; 2xCD; Parlophone CDEQ 5010].) My Brave Face (EC/McCartney) -for Paul McCartney (on FLOWERS IN THE DIRT [89; LP/CD; Parlophone PCSD 106]) (The) Nameless One -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) Narrow Daylight (music Krall -for Diana Krall (on The Girl In The Other & lyrics Krall/Costello) Room [2004; CD] and Narrow Daylight [2004-05-__; CD5; Verve 9866818 (UK)]) (The) Other End (Of The -for 'Til Tuesday (on EVERYTHING'S DIFFERENT Telescope) (EC/Aimee Mann) NOW [89; CD/LP; Epic EPC 460737] & COMING UP CLOSE: A RETROSPECTIVE [CD (enhanced); Epic Legacy EK 64944], EC on bvox) Passionate Fight -for Ute Lemper (on PUNISHING KISS [2000-04-04; CD]) Punishing Kiss -for Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet (on (EC/MacManus/O'Riordan) SHORT CUTS SOUNDTRACK [93: CD; Imago-BMG 72787 210142 (Germany)]) -for Ute Lemper (on PUNISHING KISS [2000-04-04; CD]) Puppet Girl (EC/O'Riordan) -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) Put Away Forbidden Playthings -for Fretwork) Radio Sweetheart -for Carlene Carter (on TWO SIDES TO EVERY WOMAN [79; LP; Warner BSK 3375 (US)]) (The) Scarlet Tide [Costello/ -for Alison Krauss (on COLD MOUNTAIN soundtrack T Bone Burnett] [2003-12-__; CD; ] Shadow and Jimmy (EC/ -for Was Not Was (on WHAT UP, DOG? [88; LP; David Was) Fontana SFLP4], [88; CAS; SFMC4] & [88; CD; 834 291-2]) Shamed Into Love (EC/Ruben -for Ruben Blades (on NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Blades) [88; Elektra 960 754-1]) Shatterproof -for Billy Bremmer (a-side of single [84; 7"/12"; Arista 557] and on BASH [Arista 06 179]) Shipbuilding -for Robert Wyatt (on NOTHING CAN STOP US (EC/Langer) [82; CD; Rough Trade (some CDs do not include this track!)], [82; 7" a-side; Rough Trade RTT 115], [82; 12" a-side; Rough Trade RTT 115T]. EC on bvox) St. Stephen's Day Murders -for The Chieftains (on THE BELLS OF DUBLIN [91; CD; RCA 60824]) Stranger in the House -for Rachel Sweet (on FOOL AROUND [78; LP; Stiff SEEZ 12/Stiff-Teldec 6.23659 (Germany, green vinyl)]) That Day Is Done (EC/ -for Paul McCartney (on FLOWERS IN THE DIRT McCartney) [89; LP/CD; Parlophone PCSD 106] EC on harmonies) That's What Friends Are For -for Georgie Fame (on THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR [79; LP/CAS; Pye N119], GEORGIE FAME AT HIS BEST [95; CD; Castle Communications MAT CD 323] & _JAZZ '81_ (various artists) [CD]) This Is A Test -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) | Three Distracted Woman -song cycle for Anne Sofie von Otter and the | Brodsky Quartet Tommy's Coming Home [McCartney -unreleased /MacManus] Unwanted Number -performed by For Real (on GRACE OF HEART SOUNDTRACK [96; CD; MCA MCAD 11510 (US)]) Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue -for Mary Coughlan (on LOVE FOR SALE [93; CD; Demon FIENDCD 730]. This is the original version of the EC/Charles Brown song "I Wonder How She Knows") We Despise You (EC/O'Riordan) -for Wendy James (on NOW AIN'T THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS [93; CD; MCA MCAD 10800]) (I Love You) When You Sleep -for Tracie (on FAR FROM THE HURTING KIND [84; LP; Respond RRL 502/Respond-Teldec 6.26033 (Germany)] and a-side single [84; 7"/12"; Respond KOB 710]) Why Can't A Man Stand Alone -for Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave) (not recorded) You Bowed Down (EC/McGuinn) -for Roger McGuinn (on BACK FROM RIO [91; CD; Arista ARCD-8648 (US)] EC on bvox.) You Want Her Too (EC/ -for Paul McCartney (on FLOWERS IN THE DIRT McCartney) [89; LP/CD; Parlophone PCSD 106] EC on 2nd vox & keys) The Jo Marshall Demos: I don't know if these are fake or not, but apparently EC wrote the following songs early in his career for a woman called Jo Marshall: He Doesn't Look Like You Big Brown Eyes I Want To Talk To You True Love (These titles may not be 100% correct, and the versions I have heard of are performed by Jo and not EC). If anyone has further information on these demos then please contact me. Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, Detours & Rendevous: A collection of a some of the songs listed above has been issued by Rhino Records [980519; CD; Rhino R2 75273]. Track list: Girls Talk - Dave Edmunds Shamed Into Love - Ruben Blades Unwanted Number - For Real Shatterproof - Billy Bremner My Brave Face - Paul McCartney Dirty Rotten Shame - Ronnie Drew Hidden Shame - Johnny Cash Shipbuilding - Robert Wyatt All Grown Up - Tasmin Archer The Birds Will Still Be Singing Miss Mary - Zucchero - Norma Waterson Shadow & Jimmy - Was (Not Was) I Want To Vanish - June Tabor Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue The Other End (Of The Telescope) - Mary Coughlan - 'Til Tuesday Deep Dead Blue - Anuna Indoor Fireworks - Nick Lowe & His The Comedians - Roy Orbison Cowboy Outfit The Deportees Club - Christie Moore Almost Blue - Chet Baker Punishing Kiss - Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet



(BEATSONGS - Blue Aeroplanes [91; CD; Ensign CCD 1856] *** This album was mentioned in the EC discography published in Record Collector, but it was produced by Larry Hirsch and NOT EC ***) EAST SIDE STORY - Squeeze [81; LP; A&M AMLH 64854] & [CD; A&M CD3253] (co-produced /w Roger Bechirian) FOR THE STARS - Anne Sofie von Otter [2001-03-19; CD; ] FATHER'S LYING DEAD - Agnes Bernelle NICK LOWE & HIS COWBOY OUTFIT - Nick Lowe [84; LP;] coproduced /w Nick Lowe RUM, SODOMY, AND THE LASH - Pogues [85; LP; Stiff SEEZ 58] & [CD; Stiff 2292-44495-2 (Germany)] THE SPECIALS - The Specials [79; LP; 2-Tone CDLTT 50901] & [CD; 2-Tone 1C 538-3 25001 2 (Germany)]


THE CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS/ - Philip Chevron [84; 7"; IMP 002] FAITHFUL DEPARTED FREE NELSON MANDELA/BREAK - The Special AKA [84; 7"/12"; Chrysalis 4V9 DOWN THE DOOR! 42793 & 2-Tone TT-26] MESSAGE TO YOU RUDY/NITE KLUB - The Specials [79; 7"; 2-Tone CHS TT-5] POGUETRY IN MOTION - Pogues [86; 7"/CAS; Stiff BUY 243 (UK)/MCA MCAC 36015 (Canada)] Tracks: London Girl/A Rainy Night In Soho/ The Body Of An American/Planxty Noel Hill


"Aim In Life" \ The Bluebells (on SISTERS [82; LP] The "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" \ bonus 7" flexdisc /w the album SUGAR "Will She Always Be Waiting" \ BRIDGE includes "Everybody's Somebody's "All I Ever Said" / Fool". "Aim In Life" is also the b-side "Some Sweet Day" / of the single "Forevermore" [82; 7"; "Happy Birthday (Turn Gold)" / London LON 14]. All these tracks can be found on the compilation THE SINGLES COLLECTION [93; CD; London (UK)/London- Deram (Japan, includes lyrics)]) "L.A.F.S.(Love At First Sight)" - on album NICK LOWE & HIS COWBOY OUTFIT (N.Lowe) [84; LP/CAS/CD; F-Beat ZL70338/F-Beat ZK70338/Demon FIENDCD 185]) "Ain't Gonna Kiss You" \ Clive Langer & the Boxes (on SPLASH [80; "Half As Nice" / LP; F-Beat XXLP 2] & [82; LP; Line LLP 5072AS (Germany)]) "Watch Me Catch Fire" - Big Heat (a-side of single [85; 7"; A&M 239) "I Didn't Mean To Be Mean" - Mental As Anything (on IF YOU LEAVE ME, CAN I COME TOO? & GREATEST HITS VOL.1 [86; CD; CBS 450052 2 (Australia)], also released as a-side of single [86; 7"; Regular Records RRSP714 (Australia)]) "Yoga Dog Sunset" - Mental As Anything (b-side of "I Didn't Mean To Be Mean" single [86; 7"; Regular Records RRSP714 (Australia)]) "Shipbuilding" - Robert Wyatt (co-produced /w Langer & Winstanley). "Is That Love?"/"Trust" - Squeeze (produced by EC & Roger Bechirian) [81; 7"; A&M AMS 8129 (UK)/A&M 2345 (US)]. "Trust is also on _Excess Moderation_ [97; 2xCD; A&M 540-651-2 (UK)] "Picadilly" \ Squeeze (produced by EC & Roger Bechirian) "Woman's World" / on _Excess Moderation_ [97; 2xCD; A&M 540-651-2 (UK)] "Labelled With Love" - Squeeze [81; 7"; A&M AMS 8166] "Tempted" - Squeeze [81; 7"; A&M AMS 8146] "A Pair Of Brown Eyes" - The Pogues [85; 7"; Stiff BUY 220] "Sally MacLennane" - The Pogues [85; 7"; Stiff BUY 223] "Dirty Old Town" - The Pogues [85; 7"; Stiff BUY 229]


? (contains a phone interlude voice message from EC) - Prakazrel "Pras" Michel, GHETTO SUPERSTAR [98; CD] "Adrian" (EC on harmony vocal - The Eurythmics, BE YOURSELF TONIGHT [85; LP/CD; RCA 70711/RCA BMG ND 74602 (Germany)]) "Ads" (EC on backing vocals & Steve Nieve on keys) [79; 7"; Polydor POST 84] Also on the LP "This Is Your Life" [79; LP; Polydor 2383 552] "American Squirm" (EC on b vocals - Nick Lowe, on LABOUR OF LUST [LP; (US)] & 16 ALL-TIME LOWES [85; CD; Demon FIEND CD 20]) "April After All" (EC on b vocals - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "Baby Plays Around" (EC on Lawery organ - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "Bad Dream" (EC possibly plays violin on this track - Tricky, PRE-MILLENIUM TENSION [96; CD] "Bang Bang Bang" (EC on b vocals - Al Anderson, on PAY BEFORE YOU PUMP [960917; CD; Imprint IMPCD10004] "Black Coffee" (samples from "Pills & Soap" used thoughout - Nearly God (Tricky), on NEARLY GOD [96; CD]) "Black Coffee In Bed" (EC on b vocals - Squeeze [82; 7"; AMS 8219] & on SWEETS FOR A STRANGER [82; LP; AMLH 64899] & SINGLES 45S AND UNDER) "Broken Bicycles / Junk" (EC on b vocals - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "For The Stars" (EC on b vocals & Höfner bass - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "Free Nelson Mandela" (EC on b vocals - The Special AKA) [84; 7"/12"; 2 Tone CHS TT 26/Chrysalis 4V9 42793] & on IN THE STUDIO [84; LP/CD; 2 Tone/Chrysalis 206290 (Germany)]) "Go Leave" (EC on baritone guitar - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "Green Song" (EC on b vocals - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "Lying" (EC plays guitar (using pencils) - Sam Phillips, CRUEL INVENTIONS [91; CD; Virgin CDVUS 32 (261 375) (Germany)]. EC possibly plays guitar on other tracks on this album). "Lying (alternate mix)" (EC plays guitar (using pencils) - Sam Phillips, ZERO ZERO ZERO [99; CD; Virgin America 7243 8 46939]. "Missing You" (EC on b vocals - Christy Moore, on VOYAGE [89; CD; WEA 2292-46156-2]) "My Evil Is Strong" (EC possibly plays piano & violin on this track - Tricky, PRE-MILLENIUM TENSION [96; CD] "Piano" (EC possibly plays piano & violin on this track - Tricky, PRE-MILLENIUM TENSION [96; CD] "Shamed Into Love" (EC on b vocals - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] "Tempted" (EC on b vocals & guitar - Squeeze, [7"; AMS 8147] & on EAST SIDE STORY [81; LP; AMLH 6854], [CD; A&M CDA 3253] & SINGLES 45S AND UNDER) "Tempted '94" (EC on b vocals & guitar - Squeeze, REALITY BITES soundtrack [CD; RCA]) "There's No Tomorrow" (EC on b vocals - Squeeze, EAST SIDE STORY [81; LP; AMLH 6854] & [CD; CDA 3253]) "This Is Your Life" (Produced by Roger Bechirian & Pete Marsh) "Watch Me Catch Fire" (EC on b vocals - Big Heat, a-side of single [85; 7"; A&M AM239]) "You Still Believe Me" (EC on b vocals - Anne Sofie von Otter, on FOR THE STARS [2001-03-19; CD; (UK)] (Declan Costello on vocal solos - Art Garfunkel/Amy Grant, THE ANIMALS' CHRISTMAS BY JIMMY WEBB [86; CD; CBS/Columbia CK40212] (Tracks: The Annunciation (2:38)/The Creatures Of The Field (2:31)/Just A Simple Little Tune (2:54)/The Decree (3:25)/Incredible Phat (4:56)/The Friendly Beasts (3:23)/The Song Of The Camels (2:44)/Words From An Old Spanish Carol (3:43)/Carols Of The Birds (1:58)/The Frog (5:15)/Herod (4:26)/Wild Geese (3:32)) - it's not known on which tracks EC performs.) A Black And White Night - Roy Orbison & Friends [89; CD; Virgin CDV 2-91295/2601 (Holland)]. Also available as part of a box set [98; Orbison Records ROBX-1086] along with the video, a greatest hits CD and a pair of Roy Orbison glasses. EC is part of the all-star backup band used throughout. Recorded Sep-87.


2 1/2 Years (In 22 Minutes) [1993-__-__; Rykodisc VVHS 0271 promo] Issued to accompany CD reissue box set. Watching The Detectives Accidents Will Happen Radio Radio Oliver's Army Chelsea Peace, Love & Understanding Pump It Up (The) Aims Gala - various [60 mins] [1989-__-__; VHS; Virgin/Odyssey ODY 128] [19__-__-__; LD (Japan)] | This is from 1988-02-20: London, Royal Albert Hall. Includes: Windows Of The World [Bacharach] - EC + Chrissie Hynde (3:40) Days [Ray Davies] - EC + Chrissie Hynde (3:22) BBC Omnibus Studio Jam January, 1993 - info needed !!!!! (The) Best Of Elvis Costello, The Man [71 mins] [1985-__-__; VHS; Palace Video Stereo PVC 3009M, Columbia cat#: 7092, colour] [1985-__-__; Beta] Green Shirt (2:02) The Only Flame In Town (4:05) Pump It Up (3:12) (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea Olivers Army (2:00) (3:06) I Wanna Be Loved (5:05) Possession (2:00) High Fidelity (2:27) Sweet Dreams (2:55) Clubland (3:42) Let Them All Talk (3:05) Peace Love And Understanding (3:31) Accidents Will Happen (3:00) New Lace Sleeves (3:44) You Little Fool (2:08) I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down) Love For Tender (1:58) (2:05) Good Year For The Roses (3:05) Radio Radio (3:04) Everyday I Write The Book (4:00) New Amsterdam (2:10) Watching The Detectives (3:43) Black And White Night - Roy Orbison & friends [1988-__-__; VHS; Vivid Videos Ltd. VVD 308; 55 mins] [1998-10-__; Limited edition box set (Orbison Records ROBX-1086) containing the _Black & White Night_ video and CD, a Roy Orbison Greatest Hits CD and a pair of Orbison glasses] | [2001-01-29; DVD; Pinnacle (UK)] Cocoanut Grove, LA, 1987-09-30. EC is part of the all-star band throughout the performance. He plays guitar on all tracks except the following: "Uptown", "Candy Man" - harmonica "Down The Line", "Mean Woman Blues" - keyboards "Pretty Woman" - acoustic guitar & backing vocals Costello's "The Comedians" is one of the songs they perform. Only The Lonely Dream Baby The Comedian Ooby Dooby Leah Running Scared Uptown In Dreams Crying Candy Man Down The Line Mean Woman Blues It's Over Oh Pretty Woman (All I Can Do) Is Dream You | Bringing It All Back Home - various artists | [2000-__-__; DVD; Hummingbird Records (UK)] | Mischievous Ghost - EC duets /w Mary Coughlan (A) Case For Song [75 mins] [1996-11-11; Warner Music Video 7599 38456-3 (UK)] [19__-__-__; Warner Vision WPVR - 41.75 (Japan)] [1997-09-09; Warner Music Video (US)] An extended version of the BBC TV Later Presents Elvis Costello concert. UK & US (2500 copies) promo videos were made. The music is credited to EC+A, The Brodsky Quartet and The White City Septet. Accidents Will Happen The Birds Will Still Be Singing Little Atoms God Only Knows Pump It Up Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? All This Useless Beauty Riot Act You Bowed Down Veronica Complicated Shadows Indoor Fireworks Watching The Detectives Pills & Soap I Want To Vanish | Chet Baker At Ronnie Scott's London (June 6 1988) [stereo, colour, 58 mins] | [19__-__-__; Hendring (HEN 2 044 E)] | [1999-05-__; Rykodisc] This is also available as a Japanese laserdisc) Guest vocals by EC on: The Very Thought Of You [Ray Noble] You Don't Know What Love Is I'm A Fool To Want You *EC also interviews Chet between tracks. The CD version of this gig features Van Morrison but not EC. Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet [1995-07-__; CDi; 53:00] This seems to be of the TV special. | Endless Harmony - The Beach Boys | [1999-__-__] | On this documentary EC pops up 3 times talking about the Beach Boys. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Spike BBC 'Late Show' special. A selection of live performances of the tracks from _Spike_. Also contains the song "I'm Having It All" written for Patsy Kensit. Freedom Beat, Artists Against Apartheid (The Video) - various artists (70 mins) | [1988-__-__; VHS; Pacific Arts PAV 682] Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [Benjamin/Marcus/Caldwell] - EC Video of an anti-apartheid concert in England on 1986-06-28. EC performs solo with an electric guitar, and there is a brief interview with EC towards the end. Full Circle: The Life & Music Of Dusty Springfield [1997-04-01; Taragon TARVI-1024] With EC guest appearance. Fundamental Frolics - various artists [19__-__-__; BBC Video] Gloomy Sunday Psycho Get Happy!!/Trust [19__-__-__; Ryko US promo] Issued to promote the CD reissues. High Fidelity Love For Tender I Can't Stand Up New Lace Sleeves New Amsterdam Clubland Possession Grace Of My Heart [1997-02-11; VHS] | [1999-06-__; DVD] This film includes 2 songs involving EC, his "Unwanted Number" & "God Give Me Strength" (co-written with Burt Bacharach). This video also includes the music video for "God Give Me Strength" at the end of the film. Greatest Video Hits The History Of Rock & Roll [Time/Life] If It Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth A Fuck [55 mins] Tour footage, bus, backstage and concert scenes of the Stiffs package tour. EC+A perform "Watching The Detectives" and EC joins Ian Dury and the rest of the Stiff crowd for "Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll". (The) Juliet Letters - EC & The Broadsky Quartet [53 mins] [1993-__-__; VHS; Warner Music Vision 7599 38340-3 (Hi-Fi stereo)] This video is interspersed with interviews with EC & the Brodsky Quartet. The only live performance here is "Jacksons, Monk and Rowe" (from The Gate, Dublin, 1-Nov-92), the rest are all mimed. Deliver Us Jacksons, Monk and Rowe For Other Eyes I Thought I'd Write To Juliet Who Do You Think You Are? Last Post I Almost Had A Weakness The First To Leave Why? Taking My Life In Your Hands Dear Sweet Filthy World The Birds Will Still Be Singing Swine The laserdisc version also includes "The Letter Home". Apparently a CD-ROM of this video also exists. Little Red Robin Hood [1998-10-14; Italy] This is a documentary on Robert Wyatt's life, and it includes an interview with Elvis, where he talks about the making of Shipbuilding. The video is in English with Italian subtitles. Living A Little, Laughing A Little - John Hiatt EC appears at the very end with a one-liner. | MTV 20: Pop - various artists(71 mins) | Everyday I Write the Book - EC+A | [2001-07-10; DVD; ID9813MWDVD] | Full Frame, Color, 5.1 Dolby Digital, Surround, Closed Captioned, Region 1 | Features: MTV commercial bumpers, Artists Biographies, Discographies, Interviews | Summary: On its 20th anniversary, MTV brings you an over-the-top compilation of | groundbreaking music videos that made MTV the cultural touchstone now watched by | over 300 million viewers in 139 countries. Songs: Cars (Gary Numan), I Ran (A Flock | of Seagulls), Promises Promises (Naked Eyes), One Thing Leads to Another (The Fixx), | In a Big Country (Big Country), Everyday I Write the Book (Elvis Costello), All Night | Long (Lionel Richie), Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins), Shout (Tears for Fears), All | Around the World (Lisa Stansfield), Barbie Girl (Aqua), Walkin' on the Sun (Smash | Mouth), Tubthumping (Chumbawamba), All My Life (K-Ci and Jojo), Closing Time | (Semisonic). MTV Unplugged - Tony Bennett (72 mins) [1997-01-07; DVD; Columbia Music Video CVD49193] EC & Tony show up in chapter 16 performing "They Can't Take That Away From Me". An interview section includes with a short clip of EC. MTV Unplugged Finest Moments Volume 2 - various artists [41 mins] [1997-11-__; VHS; CIC Video RFM 1554 (PAL Hi-Fi stereo) (Australia)] Includes EC+Rude 5 performing "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror". | No Turn Left Unstoned - The Pretenders | [2000-__-__; DVD; Warners (UK)] | Features EC. One Amazing Night [1998-11-__; VHS; N2K Encoded Music N2KV-10008] Includes EC performing "This House is Empty Now" & "God Give Me Strength", and a 1 minute section showing EC & Burt Bacharach in a room composing "This House Is Empty now". | Painted By Mercury - EC & Burt Bacharach | [1999-01-__; VHS NTSC (promo)] | This is the _Sessions At West 54th_ video under a different name. | Paste (magazine) - 2004-12-01 | [12004-12-01; DVD; free with magazine] | Promo video of Monkey To Man Paul McCartney's Musical Ways - Paul McCartney [19__-__-__; Filmoption Int.] (60 mins) Produced by Telefiction, Zak Productions, this is said to feature EC. Put It There - Paul McCartney (65 mins) [1989-__-__; VHS; Castle CMV 1141] This is about the making of the album _Flowers In The Dirt_, and EC appears twice with excerpts of him singing "My Brave Face". Rock For Kampuchea [1999-01-__; VHS] 1979 benefit concert at the Hammersmith Odean, London featuring various bands. EC+A perform "The Impostor" Ryko promo - Retail Reel #7 [1994-__-__; Ryko] Includes "Sweet Dreams" & "Good Year For The Roses". September Songs (A Tribute To Kurt Weill) [1999-01-__] Made by Canadian the film company, Rhombus. Includes: Lost In Stars - EC+Brodsky Quartet Sessions At West 54th - EC & Burt Bacharach [1998-12-08; Polygram 440 059 173-3 (NTSC HI-Fi stereo) (USA)] Track listing: Baby It's You What the World Needs Now Toledo Such Unlikely Lovers This House Is Empty Now Tears At The Birthday Party I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Painted From Memory Accidents Will Happen Just A Memory My Little Red Book My Thief I Still Have That Other Girl Anyone Who Had A Heart Sessions At West 54th Vol. 2 - various artists [2001-01-09; DVD; Polygram; NTSC] Track listing: 1. Dance The Night Away - The Mavericks 2. Legend Of A Cowgirl - Imani Coppola 3. Four For Tango - Kronos Quartet 4. Try Whistling This - Neil Finn 5. Step Inside This House - Lyle Lovett 6. Amor Verdadero - Afro-Cuban All Stars 7. Wonder - Natalie Merchant 8. Cry Love - John Hiatt 9. I Miss You - Randy Newman 10. Como Ves - Ozomatli 11. Right In time - Lucinda Williams 12. Ellis Unit One - Steve Earle 13. Painted From Memory - Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach 14. Set The Twilight Reeling - Lou Reed Bonus Track Listing: 15. Painted From Memory - Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach (Alternate Version) (The) South Bank Show (The Making of Almost Blue) - 1981 ITV documentary First broadcast on London Weekend Telvision, 8-Nov-81. It contains: - various interview bits and pieces - Good Year For The Roses (solo acoustic) - extracts from Lip Service & Watching The Detectives (Erics, 2-Aug-77) - rehearsals in London: extracts from Sweet Dreams & Cry Cry Cry - Nasville sudios: extracts from Cry Cry Cry, Sittin' And Thinkin', My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You, Sweet Dreams, Brown To Blue, Why Don't You Love Me, Tears Before Bedtime & I'm Your Toy played live in the studio, interspersed with interviews with Billy Sherrill and EC+A - interview back in London after the recording, plus excerts from a gig in Aberdeen: Sittin' And Thinkin', I'm Your Toy, Sweet Dreams (part) Terror & Magnificence promo video Recorded at the Royal Festival Hall /w EC. | (A) Tribute To Burt Bacharach & Hall David | [2001-10-22; VHS; PAL; IX11173DUKV (UK)] | [2001-11-19; DVD; IX11183DUKD (UK)] | Recorded 2000-06-30: Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Charity, Royal Albert Hall | I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (The) Very Best Of Elvis Costello & The Attractions: 1977-86 [1994-10-20; VHS; PAL/NTSC; Demon DPAMVID 1, UK] [19__-__-__; LD; LR-3190] Only 1000 copies of the laserdisc were pressed. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea Clubland Pump It Up New Lace Sleeves Radio Radio Good Year For The Roses Peace Love And Understanding Sweet Dreams Olivers Army You Little Fool Accidents Will Happen Everyday I Write The Book Love For Tender Let Them All Talk I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down) The Only Flame In Town Possession I Wanna Be Loved New Amsterdam Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood High Fidelity |**Title unknown** | EC & Burt Bacharach, UK promo video

Other music videos not in collections:

13 Steps Lead Down Fiesta - The Pogues (EC appears in full royal regalia!) God Give Me Strength Less Than Zero Living A Little, Laughing A Little (EC guests on the John Hiatt video) The Other Side of Summer | Pads, Paws & Claws (EC+Rude 5 'self made' video from the Spike tour) A Pair Of Brown Eyes (EC guests on the Pogues video) Seven Day Weekend (Clips from the film _Club Paradise_, plus performance bits from EC, Jimmy Cliff & Pete Thomas) | Shipbuilding (EC guests on the Robert Wyatt video. This is available on | a video CD included with Robert Wyatt's EP box set) So Like Candy (UK promo) Sulky Girl (UK promo, monochome (3:16)) That's How You Got Killed Before - The Dirty Dozen Brass band (Includes 2 seconds worth of the _Radio Radio_ video) ...This Town... Veronica

EC also has small cameo rolls in the following movies & videos:

200 Cigarettes (walking down some steps) A Day In The Afterlife - BBC Arena documentary about US sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. EC plays himself doing a fast-talking TV comercial. Americathon (as busker) Comic Strip Classics - "The Bullshitters" (Channel 4 TV/Polygram video 086 482 3) Dear Sarah - In this Irish film from 1990 EC sings 2 verses from Oscar Wilde's poem "Ballad Of Reading Gaol". The song is set to the tune of "Raglan Road" and the music is credited as being composed, arranged and directed by Fiachra Trench. The song fades out after 2 minutes. No Surrender (as inept magician) Roy Orbison's video for "Pretty Woman" Spice Girls Movie (as waiter) Straight To Hell (as waiter) Scully - a Granada TV series. EC plays Scully's brother, a slightly deranged train spotter.


Albert Hall Albert Hall, UK, 6-Jul-94. And The Truth [96] EC+A at the Rosemont Theatre, 17-Aug-96. Muddy sound. Looks like it was shot from the balcony - hand-held and jerky. Man Out Of Time Green Shirt The Beat Brilliant Mistake Clown Strike All This Useless Beauty Uncomplicated Distorted Angel Little Atoms/Far From The Prize Chelsea Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? Pump It Up Party Girl Beyond Belief Love Field Accidents Will Happen Veronica Complicated Shadows Kid About It Alison Other End Of The Telescope Rocking Horse Road 13 Steps Lead Down Watching The Detectives (cut) Beacon Theatre [96] This is an audience home video from the first night, 2-Aug-95. Quality: Sound is OK, but the visuals were probably shot from the mezzanine without a tripod - Dean Martucci {} Beacon Theatre Beacon Theatre, NY, 3-Aug-95. Club Paradise (96 mins) [1998-09-14; VHS; 16372 (US, NTSC)] features the song Seven Day Weekend Comp II [93] C.W. Post College [~135 min] Solo acoustic tour, 11-Apr-89. Quality: Shot from the balcony on a tripod. Steady camera but fuzzy picture and bad, orange coloured lighting. Good sound. Includes the 'big satin heart' request bit with the 13 1/2 deadly sins - Alison Munin { Accidents Will Happen Radio Sweetheart/Jackie Wilson Said Blue Chair Temptation Mystery Dance Let Him Dangle Deep Dark Truthful Mirror Brilliant Mistake Watching The Detectives This Town Suit Of Lights Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Big Light His Latest Flame (/w Nick Lowe) God's Comic Peace, Love & Understanding Veronica (/w Nick Lowe) Baby Plays Around Alison New Amsterdam/You've Got To Hide Pump It Up You're Love Away/The Other End Red Shoes Of The Telescope Everyday I Write The Book Pads, Paws & Claws I Want You Leave My Kitten Alone Tramp The Dirt Down Egos & Icons Canadian TV 1994. Elvis Moderne [87; Faux Music Video] Filmed in Hamburg, Germany, '87. Reviewed in 'Creem' (Feb/87): "Features Bruce Springsteen, EC, Lou Reed & Shane McGowan on stage together singing 'nothing' but the best of Elvis Presley! Although Reed's stirring rendition of "I Believe In The Man In The Sky" is certainly the artistic highlight of the show (and I must note that Springsteen, Costello & MacGowen make a fabulous New Jordanairres), it is Costello who electrifies the crowd with his extended reading of "Viva Las Vegas". No cynical Elvis this! If you can find a copy of this rarity, scoop it up - but don't be surprised if the asking price is $150 or more." Elvis Live At The Beacon Theatre, New York, 12-Aug-96 [96; Living After Midnight Videos; 2 hours] This contains the first 23 songs of the show in order, but the last 3 of evening are missing. The start of "Why Can't A Man Stand Alone" and "Clubland" are missing. This is worth having just for the "It's Time"/ "All This Useless Beauty"/"Green Shirt"/"Distorted Angel"/"Chelsea" segment. Quality: It takes a few minutes before the camera is focused correctly, but then most of the rest of the show is very clear. Very good audio for a video, but the audio/visual synchonisation is a problem at times. Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? It's Time (incomplete) All This USeless Beauty Waiting For The End Of The World Green Shirt You Belong To Me You Bowed Down Clown Strike Distorted Angel/Chelsea Little Atoms/Far From The Prize Pump It Up The Other End Of The Telescope Clubland (incomplete) Love Field (EC+SN) Accidents Will Happen Poor Fractired Atlas (EC+SN) Complicated Shadows Veronica (EC+SN) Shallow Grave Party Girl (EC+SN) Watching The Detectives (The) Elvis TV Collection [VHS; No label or cat.#, 3 hours] Vintage video compilation of TV clips, performances, interviews, etc. This claims to be a promo but isn't. The quality is mostly reasonable mono, with some particularly poor parts (particularly "Alison"). EC is miming to a backing track on all but the live tracks, although in some cases these backing tracks are specially recorded and differ from released versions. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (BBC - Top Of The Pops (TOTP) 28-Feb-80) I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (ITV - Kenny Everett Video Show, '80) Watching The Detectives (Erics, Liverpool, 2-Aug-77 - very short extract) (live) New Amsterdam + interview (BBC - Fun Factory 31-May-80) (EC solo) Alison (Granada TV - What's On, 21-Jul-77 - very poor quality) (EC solo live) Let Them All Talk \ Everyday I Write The Book \ (Channel 4 - Switch, 27-Jul-83?) (live) TKO (Boxing Day) / Charm School / The Imposter (Concerts For Kampuchea, 29-Dec-79) Oliver's Army (BBC - TOTP, 10-Feb-79?) I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down \ (ITV - Whitelight, 13-Feb-80) King Horse / Sweet Dreams (BBC - TOTP, 24-Dec-81) Shipbuilding (Granada TV - Reports, 16-Aug-82) (EC + Steve live) Everyday I Write The Book (BBC - TOTP, 14-Jul-83) interview \ Shipbuilding \ Everyday I Write The Book > (Channel 4 - The Tube, 9-Mar-84) (live) Clubland / Clowntime Is Over / Gloomy Sunday (Fundamental Frolics, 1-Jun-81) (solo live) Shipbuilding (repeat!) (16-Aug-82) Nelson Mandela (Channel 4 - The Tube, 9-Mar-84) (live, The Specials AKA with EC replacing Stan Campbell on vocals) interview about Berlin by Muriel Gray (Channel 4 - The Tube, 9-Mar-84) Clubland (BBC - Swapshop?, Dec-80) From Head To Toe \ (BBC - Pebble Mill, 13-Sep-92) Beyond Belief / interview + clips from soundcheck + Let Them All Talk (rec: 6-Oct-83 in Glasgow, b.cast: 29-Oct-83, TVAM? - Data Run) interview with EC & Robert Wyatt + Shipbuilding promo video (Channel 4 - Loose Talk, 30-May-83) Shot With His Own Gun (Granada TV - What's In, 16-Mar-81) (EC + Steve live) Radio Radio (BBC - TOTP, 26-Oct-78?) Colour Of The Blues \ interview > (BBC - Russell Harty Show, 3-Nov-81) (live) Sweet Dreams / The Making Of Almost Blue (LWT - The South Bank Show, 8-Nov-81): I Wanna Be Loved (BBC - TOTP, 21-Jun-84) Glastonbury Glastonbury Fest, 25-Jun-94. Harvard Harvard U., Mass., 1-May-87 Japan 1991 Jones Beach 6-11-94 Jones Beach, NY, 11-Jun-94. Quality: Average sound and picture quality. Starts in beginning of first song and has complete show. Good performance, but with equipment problems - Jacobson, David {} Juliet Letters At Town Hall, NY, 18-Apr-93 EC+Brodsky Quartet. Quality: Not great, shot from seats. Whoever shot it had to move around a lot, lots of backs of heads, etc. Sound is poor to fair - Jacobson, David {} Expert Rites Last Post Dead Letter The First To Leave I Almost Had A Weakness Damnation Cellar Why? The Birds Will Still Be Singing Who Do You Think You Are? King Of The Unknown Sea Taking My Life In Your Hands More Than Rain This Offer Is Unrepeatable Almost Blue Dear Sweet Filthy World God Only Knows The Letter Home They Didn't Believe Me Jacksons, Monk & Rowe I Almost Had A Weakness This Sad Burlesque Jacksons, Monk & Rowe Romeo's Seance Lost In Stars I Thought I'd Write To Juliet Live At Madison Square Garden, NYC, 22-Jun-91 [Living After Midnight Production; 110 mins] Mighty Like A Rose Tour. Quality: Shot from the first level, side section. Hand held camera, very shaky with a lot of heads in the way. Not a great video and only fair sound. Many songs are cut. "That Day Is Done" is nice, incomplete." God's Comic" is great - Alison Munin { Red Shoes Veronica Harpies Bizarre Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4 Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your That Day Is Done (cut) Head Hidden Charms (end only) Deep Dark Truthful Mirror Strange Suit Of Lights Everybody's Crying Mercy Other Side Of Summer Hurry Down Doomsday So Like Candy (cut) God's Comic I Want You (alternate version) How To Be Dumb Temptation Alison Playboy To A Man Pump It Up (cut) Must You Throw Dirt In My Face Live At The Pier, NYC, 30-Aug-82 [Paul K. Production; 105 mins] Imperial Bedroom Tour. Quality: Shot from the floor with a hand held camera, but suprisingly good. Clear, close picture, very few heads in the way and very good sound. Great video for a boot - Alison Munin { Accidents Will Happen Alison Green Shirt Beyond Belief Pidgin English Clubland Hand In Hand Imperial Bedroom Shabby Doll Red Shoes Watch Your Step All These Things The Backstabbers/King Horse Mystery Dance And In Every Home Almost Blue Watching The Detectives/Help Me Tears Before Bedtime Long Honeymoon Why Don't You Love Me Like You Secondary Modern Used To Do Kid About It Two Steps From The Blues Temptation Pump It Up From Head To Toe Danger Zone Don't Look Back Peace, Love & Understanding You Belong To Me Radio Radio New Lace Sleeves Shipbuilding Live At The Royal Albert Hall, London 6th July 1994 [VHS; 116 mins] Quality: Shot from the balcony, mostly the view is of EC with Steve's & Pete's hands in the top corners. Very few shots of Bruce. Camera work is mostly steady, with occasional wild lapses. Sound is clean but lacking in bass. There are unfortunately no shots of Steve playing the RAH organ during "Favourite Hour". Pony Street Shipbuilding Clubland Man Out Of Time Beyond Belief Watching The Detectives Sulky Girl You Belong To Me London's Brilliant Parade 13 Steps Lead Down/Radio Radio Deep Dark Truthful Mirror Favourite Hour (start missing) Hand In Hand Lipstick Vogue (start missing) Honey Are You Straight Or Are Party Girl You Blind? No Action (start missing) Clown Strike Just About Glad Kinder Murder Alison Shabby Doll All The Rage Rocking Horse Road Peace, Love & Understanding Still Too Soon To Know Pump It Up Live From JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, 21-Aug-82 [75 mins] This was a festival featuring Genesis and a few other bands. EC did a shortened Imperial Bedroom set. Quality: Shot from far back on the audience floor with a handheld camera. Sound is fair because it's outside - Alison Munin { Accidents Will Happen From Head To Toe Green Shirt You Belong To Me Pidgin English Alison Hand In Hand Beyond Belief Shabby Doll Clubland Watch Your Step Radio Radio Backstabbers/King Horse Shipbuilding And In Every Home Peace, Love & Understanding Watching The Detectives/Help Me Mystery Dance Kid About It Pump It Up Temptation Live - Rockpalast This looks like a taping of a rebroadcast ("Rockpalast Classics") of the 15-Jul-78 show. Performance: 10/10. Sound: 7/10 - John Steffes {} Mystery Dance No Action Waiting For The End Of The World (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea Lip Service Lipstick Vogue Two Little Hitlers Watching The Detectives The Beat Pump It Up Night Rally You Belong To Me This Year's Girl Rockpalast TV Show [100 mins.] The only title on this video is 'Elvis Costello', but on the back it mentions the source as being the German live concert TV show 'Rockpalast' recorded 15/16-Oct-83 at the Grughalle, Essen. This is EC+A with the TKO Horns and Afrodiziak. The front of the mono version has a picture from _Might Like A Rose_, while the stereo version comes with different packaging. Quality: The quality isn't bad, but the performance lags at times - Bryan Gibson {} Performance: 9/10. Sound: 6/10 - John Steffes {} short interview Big Sister's Clothes Let Them All Talk Stand Down Margret [The Beat] Possession Beyond Belief Watch The Detectives Clubland The Greatest Thing The World And His Wife Man Out Of Time Alison New Lace Sleeves Backstabbers/King Horse Mystery Dance Clowntime Is Over Shabby Doll Everyday I Write The Book Kid About It short instrumental (believed to be Peace, Love & Understanding titled 'Riff Riff Riff') Oliver's Army I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down Shipbuilding Pump It Up Saturday Night Live Rehearsals 1991. This Is Tomorrow [No label or cat.#; E-180] Mainly recorded at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool on 9-Dec-86 using a hand held camera in the balcony. Quality: The picture goes black for a while as Mr. Xavier Valentine (Paddy Callaghan) stalks the balcony for volunteers to spin the wheel. The picture is wobbley in parts and suffers from too much concentration on EC in the wheel section. The audio quality reasonable during the music, but there is crowd chatter and the between-song banter is muffled - Phil Dennison {} The main show lasts 2h 36m and consists of: EC solo: Brilliant Mistake Deportee Tokyo Storm Warning New Amsterdam/You've Got To Green Shirt Hide Your Love Away Suit Of Lights Shipbuilding Little Palaces Radio Sweetheart American w/o Tears Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood --- EC+A (spinning songbook section): I Hope You're Happy Now Knowing Me Knowing You Mystery Dance Everyday I Write The Book Alison I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down His Latest Flame --- EC+A joined by Andrew Schofield: Ferry Cross The Mersey/Tiny Steps/ 20 Flight Rock (Schofield on lead Gloria/Ferry Cross The Mersey vocals) Radio Radio Money (EC/AS duet) Chelsea Pump It Up/Twist & Shout/Pump It Up Less Than Zero She's A Woman Peace Love & Understanding Oliver's Army Wild Thing Leave My Kitten Alone [John/Turner/ McDougall] --- As filler the tape contains: - Extracts from a foreign TV show (probably the Swizz show "Karussel", recorded 14-Nov-83, broadcast 15-Nov-83) featuring an interview and live clips of "Shipbuilding" & "Everyday I Write The Book" (probably from a Zurich show). - The EC extracts from the Chet Baker show at Ronnie Scotts (from commercial video) - EC with the Count Basie Orchestra singing "Li'l Darling" and "It "Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" (duet /w Tony Bennett) on 8-Aug-83. Town Hall, NYC With the Brodsky Quartet, 1993. UK Concert 7-Jul-96 [VHS; HP 15740-080914 (Japan); 70 mins.] Copy of the "BBC TV Later Presents Elvis Costello" UK TV transmission, with The Attractions & The Brodsky Quartet. Quality: Good quality recording of a great show audibly and visually - Dean Martucci {} Accidents Will Happen The Birds Will Still Be Singing Little Atoms Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue Pump It Up All This Useless Beauty Why Can't A Man Stand Alone You Bowed Down Riot Act Complicated Shadows Veronica Watching The Detectives Indoor Fireworks I Want To Vanish Pills And Soap Unedited Unplugged 7-Jul-91 [50 mins] Professional unreleased footage of MTV session. Quality: Great picture and sound - Alison Munin {} Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Must You Throw Dirt In My Face Head (incomplete, string broke) Hidden Charms Deep dark Truthful Mirror Everybody's Cryin' Mercy So Like Candy/I Want You Hurry Down Doomsday The Other Side Of Summer (waltz Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4 version) Bama Lama Bama Loo


(The) Big Lebowski (exclusive to The Guardian) [980425; Polygram] The audio section of this mixed media disc contains the track "My Mood Swings" (2:09). See entry in part 1. Microsoft Encarta '95 [9411__; Microsoft] This includes about 40 seconds worth of EC+A's "Pump It Up" under the entry for 'Rock And Roll'. Microsoft Music Central 96 [Fall 96; Microsoft Home 0895 (310-056)] This CD-ROM contains a brief video clip of "Everyday I Write The Book" from BBC TV (1983), plus a career biography and 10 pictures of album covers. MTV Unplugged [96____?; Viacom Newmedia (US)] Includes info about EC's 1991 appearance, but no video/audio clips. Musicnet - volume 1, issue 4 [96____; (US)] CD-ROM magazine preview's _Blood & Chocolate_ reissue + sound clips & Rolling Stone magazine review. Surf This Disc [95____; Rykodisc/Hannibal/Grammavision VCDR 9501 (US)] Promotional sampler of Ryko catalogue with EC timeline, bio, photos, album reviews, sound & video clips. Sound clips: Watching The Detectives (live) (0:20) / I'm Your Toy (0:15) / Accidents Will Happen (0:15) / I Want You (0:20) / ? (from G.B.H.) (0:20) / I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (0:15) / I Hope You're Happy Now (0:20) / Man Out Of Time (0:15) / Brilliant Mistake (0:20) / Red Shoes (0:30) / Let Them All Talk (0:15) / Alison (0:15) / No Action (0:15) / From A Whisper To A Scream (0:15) Video clips: Pump It Up (0:30) / Good Year For The Roses (0:20) / Oliver's Army (0:20) / Love For Tender (0:25) / You Little Fool (0:20) / Watching The Detectives (0:30) / Let Them All Talk (0:25) / Accidents Will Happen (0:25) / Radio Radio (0:25) / Clubland (0:30) Launch #8 [9608__; 2Way Media (US)] Promo ROM including a review of _All This Useless Beauty_ a few photos and sound clips from: "The Other End Of The Telescope" / "Little Atoms" / "Distorted Angel" (2Way Media - tel: 1-800-2Launch, {End of Part 3}