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All This Useless Beauty

Armed Forces

Blood And Chocolate

Brutal Youth

Club Date: Live In Memphis

Costello And Nieve

For The Stars

Get Happy!!

Il Sogno

King Of America

Kojak Variety

Mighty Like A Rose

My Aim Is True


Out Of Our Idiot

Painted From Memory

Punch The Clock

Rhino re-release: KOA

Rhino re-release: MLAR

Rhino re-releases: AB, GCW & KV

Rhino re-releases: GH, Trust & PTC

Rhino re-releases: MAIT, Spike & ATUB

Rhino re-releases: TYM, BAC & BY


The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man and Il Sogno

The Juliet Letters

The River In Reverse

The Sweetest Punch

The Very Best Of Elvis Costello

This Year's Model

Tonight At Moon: Mingus Big Band


When I Was Cruel