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My Aim Is True

This Year's Model

Armed Forces

Get Happy!!


Punch The Clock

King Of America

Blood And Chocolate

Out Of Our Idiot


Mighty Like A Rose

The Juliet Letters

Brutal Youth

Kojak Variety

All This Useless Beauty

Costello And Nieve

Painted From Memory

The Sweetest Punch

The Very Best Of Elvis Costello

Rhino re-releases: MAIT, Spike & ATUB

For The Stars

Rhino re-releases: TYM, BAC & BY

Tonight At Moon: Mingus Big Band

When I Was Cruel

Rhino re-release: MLAR

Rhino re-releases: GH, Trust & PTC


Rhino re-releases: AB, GCW & KV

The Delivery Man

Il Sogno

The Delivery Man and Il Sogno

Club Date: Live In Memphis

Rhino re-release: KOA

The River In Reverse