BlueChair needs your help!

This is for all of your writings, songs, pictures or however else you feel like expressing yourself. Have at it!
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BlueChair needs your help!

Postby BlueChair » Fri Jul 25, 2003 10:15 am

Since about 1998, I've been writing songs here and there, and it's getting the point where I have about 95 or so. Some people think some of them are pretty good, and I keep being encouraged to get a demo CD out there. So, I plan on cleaning up 6 of my songs and getting them recorded better so I can put them out there.

The problem is, while I can tell which songs I think are not bad vs. which songs are awful, I'd obviously want to pick my 6 best and it's hard for me to narrow down.

So I'm looking for judges... people who will download my songs from a secret location and vote on the 6 they think are my best. If you can't think of 6 that you like, or even hate the whole thing, I don't mind. But I really want to do this.

So, if you'd be interested in hearing a bunch of my songs and offering your views and insights, please PM me and I will tell you where the songs are.


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