The Wicked Night

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The Wicked Night

Postby BlueChair » Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:49 pm

Here's one from the BlueChair archives:

The Wicked Night

As the wicked night holds back its tears
Here I sit, in darkness, in fear.
Has the world lost its desire to love,
Or am I merely a victim in the rough?

The sky refuses to whimper and weep
And so do I, though I feel it may creep
My eyes they flutter, my bones they shake
But something is soothing, and so I awake

Alas! She speaks, an angel appears
She comprehends my worries and my fears
And while the tears still come and blur my scope
Her embrace is warm, she offers me hope

Time it passes, so she must go
But deep inside, I will always know
That she is love, and so am I
And though she parts, that will never die
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