I Will Always Love You (Until I Change My Mind)

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I Will Always Love You (Until I Change My Mind)

Postby noiseradio » Mon Dec 29, 2003 1:11 pm

Don't get on my nerves
I'm getting on my knees
Love's just grand and all of that
But come on, baby. Please.

You say you want to be more than friends
I swear I'll love you to the living end
But if that's more than two days from now
I might just have to break that vow


I will always love you (until I change my mind)
I will always love you (until I change my mind)
Forget about forever (and until the end of time)
I will always love you (until I change my mind)

Don't call me on the phone, sugar
I'll call you before long
You like to talk, and that's alright
But what you want me to say's all wrong.

Those three little words you want to hear
I'll say them as long as we're perfectly clear
That love's like the wind, and I'm just sand
Which way it blows is out of my hands



You have dreams of a love that lasts forever
I had always hoped that I'd fly free
House and home and love hold you together
One question baby. Does it have to be me?

Don't look back on your past
The future is unclear
Don't look for someone to blame
At least not over here.

Whats the sense in how or why?
If love's an ocean, this river's run dry
Baby, there's no need to cry (or maybe I tried to be cool and I'll never cry)
I'll remember you 'til the day you die.


Copyrigt 2003 Monkey House Music
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--William Shakespeare

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Postby Misha » Wed Jan 14, 2004 3:07 am


I like this....does it have music to it yet?
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